We will talk about parquet painting and finishing in this article.

Wood is a living material. Over the years it transforms and transforms, taking on a new normal and living. , Goods sold in non-tradable goods. Choose the type of finish – parquet lacquer finish, parquet oil finish, parquet wax finish – is not instant: it depends on the needs, the dimensions to be covered, the desired aesthetic and performance.


Base and resin for parquet

Before finishing, advise, which is a water-based parquet basis, excellent penetrating ability. If the parquet to be painted is new, just add a catalyst with a catalyst strengthening agent for the parquet in a ratio of 10: 1, then mix using a roller or brush roller. The parquet to be painted has already been processed, it is nice to remove a layer with a chemical paint remover. Hair removal temperatures, the smell of the White House. If the parquet paint is already partially peeled off, it is recommended to use a suitable spatula or orbital for complete removal. Then move on to parquet resin, smoothing and treatment.

Parquet paint : water-based paint and solvent-based paint

Drawing is undoubtedly the best known cure. Parquet lacquer prevents wood from being damaged, keeping it away from scratches caused by wear. A building exposed to the effects of weather factors. But varnishing is increasingly common in the case of interior parquet. For a technical reason, it is resistant to water, shocks and scratches, and in general, it can be washed more easily. Choosing the choice of parquet coating also for an aesthetic reason: the materials that are available today to you, anchored, meticulous, carefully chosen by those who chose the house and lived in it. Both transparent varnishes for parquet, and parquet paint: the former reinforces the wood grain, and the latter tends to hide them, covering the parquet with an even layer.

Paints fall into two categories:

  • Interior paints
  • and exterior paints.

Either way, they can be

  • watercolor paints
  • or solvent paints.

watercolor paints

Water-based paints are odorless and are suitable for all types of parquet, whether for finishing, maintenance or restoration of worn out wooden fences. Make, water-based parquet paints exhibit a layer and yellowing practices that protect the environment from bumps and scratches and prevent dirt, making the parquet easy to wash. These are exactly the offers of the line of water-based parquet paint, available in 4 finishes:

  • Invisible, zero reflections and luminosity
  • Gloss defends the beauty of parquet
  • opacity of 20 luminosity;
  • Glossy and balanced, 50 glosses.

Parquet paint can be applied from the adjacent group, which is the most widely used finishing technique – or spray varnish – the latest products can be rolled out in preparation.

Solvent paints

Solvent-based varnish, also known as polyurethane varnish, is easy to apply and covers high, thanks to the release of an elastic protective film that gives the parquet surface smooth hardness and wear resistance, providing a texture image. Frequent use of polyurethane paint on air surfaces.

A group of solvent-based, water-based paints – intended for industrial garden plants. On the other hand, the factory factory was established

Parquet oil finish

It started showing up. Parquet oil does not cover it, but soak it: the natural space of the natural wood of the natural wood. To be the right oil, suitable for the expert, good, wood structure, which increases the chance of chance chance. But there is also a coloring oil for parquet. The shade was chosen for rumor: the number ranges from brown and gold to green and blue. Stained parquet and its dirt can be scratched more easily than varnished parquet, but to remove scratches, restoration oil is enough. It also guarantees excellent water resistance. This method becomes more beautiful. Dust-free end result: ideal in homes with children or allergy sufferers. Maintaining oiled parquet: if it is neglected, the floor dries out with oil, and over time, wood fibers can break off in splinters.

parquet oils

Its subsidiaries are into Flooring Oils, which are products from a specific parquet care line of products with formulations that are superior performance, friendly and technologically advanced. They are able to offer what they have the most wonderful accommodations and even greater facilities. Essence level Neighborhood UVB rays that prevent the wood surface from yellowing, time and protect the natural color of the wood. Ideal for parquet maintenance – but also suitable for non-conditioning floors – HOME is a low solvent, free of substance for the installer and user. University planning of parquet oils, and external plans that work in the field of planning and external plans.


Wax finish for parquet

For wax paint, you can use different types of wax in the paste, both natural and artificial. To revitalize the color of the wood, we advise you to choose a yellow or dark wax. There is also a hot wax that gives the parquet a special shine. And flag parquet tarpaulin communications operations.


Parquet maintenance

Maintenance prohibits all aggressive substances, such as alcohol, bleaches, abrasives, acidic and corrosive chemicals but also substances, such as vinegar. The first step in dedusting, wood, and correct wood that sanitizes and nourishes wood is a water-based parquet cleaner based on the designer of Rainer Laboratories for the regular care of all types of parquet. This product, thanks to its fine texture of wood, is firm with dirt. The next step, buffing, with wax or oil.

parquet waxing

If the parquet has lost its luster, it is appropriate to treat, and it can rediscover its original elegance: waxing, for example. , allows coordination allowing coordination in not clogging pores, parquet allows coordination. Usually, the use of more or less liquid wax for the maintenance of parquet, roller. Candles on the market – usually not colored – are synthetic and natural materials.

Liquid wax is used for worn parts. It is a mixture of wax and resins in an aqueous emulsion, with self-polishing properties. The other side of the other side, the other side is the other side of the view the other side of the view. Results? Satin look flooring. Thanks to the concept of dealing with parquet impregnation. On top of that, leaching them into their oils causes them to re-leached after some time. Make it encourage make it encourage the natural beauty of the floor.


Parquet oil treatment

Vaseline and flax oils are used in parquet maintenance. , even oil treatment allows parquet, health of the earth. The licensed brush has been made by brush.


Practical advice to protect the garden

There are ready-made products in the manufacture.

  • in general
  • Ventilate the rooms where the parquet is installed
  • Maintain a temperature between 15° and 22°
  • Maintain a constant level of ecology within the environment between 45% and 60%
  • 25 carpeted
  • For washing, avoid pouring water directly on the floor but preferably a damp cloth
  • Clean the soles of your shoes before entering the house
  • Put felts under chairs and sofas.


Removing stains and blemishes from parquet: practical remedies

Provides home communication services.

1- Turpentine or the affected part of a wet cotton swab.

Renovation on the photo album: When the house or when deciding to paint the walls – it is a blessing to allow smothers, wood and wood. To be one of the stars that starts from my Lord. If it was dried straight away, what was fresh, there is nothing else in it. Show more knowledge. For example, you can dilute it with a little warm water and mild soap. Little bit of water. Use a hair dryer heat source – to soften dry product. Scratching the dried paint can also be used very gently, preferably with a plastic putty knife.

3- Scratches on the parquet: the use of different products on the market. For scratches only on the surface, an indelible mark is enough; For deep scratches, you can use a liquid dye or a cosmetic kit. what do you mean?

4- Scratches on the parquet: mix the wax with tincture of iodine, sprinkle the obtained solution on the affected area with a brush, and then apply wax or polishing products based on the parquet finish.

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