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Types Of Parquet Coverings For The Home

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Parquet coverings , for interior walls, is the perfect solution if your goal is to do itself in the practice of masonry, ensuring its height Parquet The photo in this case shows the creation of a three-dimensional continuity, capable of space.

Be careful, the advice is to use the last solution for only one wall, in order to use the greater force of a specific part of the space.

1- One of the simplest, but also economical solutions is to cover the walls with parquet made of plywood: a material that appears in several overlapping sheets.

2- Usually, it is preferable to lay the covering of the parquet, fixed by a frame of strips, which is placed on the wall in the form of a checkerboard: in this way, the boards also create an air chamber in relation to the application surface.

3- Parquet lining: a formal continuity with modern and innovative flooring and joinery

If you choose to lay a parquet covering, using wood panels or modern carpentry, you will also be able to get a result that is able to provide you with pleasant textures and formal continuity with floor accessories and furnishings; The goal is to create a simple and contemporary local scenography.

But not only wooden slats! With the new models of sculpture, it is possible to cover stairs and walls, with a material with unique properties, with ornaments, carved or inlaid, able to create environments with an original and innovative character at the same time.

4-Currently, the choice falls more on the parquet coating that continues on the wall, in order to enhance the color and personality of the space, through wood.

At some stage of installation,

Parquet coverings for your home stand out as an excellent design solution, as well as as a tangible reality of Algerian furniture: parquet appreciation can be even on the wall, gaiba, jaiping.

ready-made parquet coating

The natural look of wood, combined with the advantages of modern surface finishing and industrial production, makes the ready-made parquet very much in demand in the market. You have to consider a bunch of things in a bag from the folder: look, feel, durability, and assembly. Thus, it plays an essential role.

It is a wide range of primers, fillers and finishes for ready-made parquet. This makes it possible to make it possible to reach the highest levels.

The choice of the appropriate drawing system depends on a number of factors:

Implant technique

When using an existing plant, the number of spools available limits the multi-layer structure. With only three or four rollers available, it is impossible to make complex structures with 6-7 layers. As it is rentable, its prices are reasonable.

Cost containment goal

One of the main factors qualifying per square meter of the cladding structure. It may already exist. The preferred solution can then be planned within these constraints.

wear assessment

It is the layers that mainly determine the erosion. UV texts from the production line.

Chemical resistance

UV resistance.

 tangible appearance

Of course, tactile looks are two key criteria for a drawing board. If your sadness, then you face it, you feel it calls me a mouth for the voice.

The degree of gloss, tactility and appearance of the finished parquet is determined by the finish. The letters go from glossy to glossy and are multifunctional that delivers high quality. For example, a particularly high-quality surface with an elegant finishing finish is obtained.

Finding the right paint

Experts can help you choose the right cladding system. Publishing a new brochure on parquet ready to help you . Provides the same category of moisture in the body. The multi-layered “Ambience” category brings together the highest peak in terms of look, feel and durability.

Many layers are tested in multiple layers by number. In addition, letters are also the multi-layer structures of the customer and the factory. Our technicians will find the right solution for you. This applies not only to ready-made parquet, but also to other types such as e-commerce.

parquet coverings

1- There is an environment that is not compatible with wooden ships , you just need to choose the appropriate core and composition. Thanks to the latest innovations in the sector, today it is also possible to use painted timber or retail inserts only highly original solutions.

2- There is no set that is not available with parquet flooring, you just need to choose the right essence and the right situation. Thanks to the latest innovations in the industry, it is also possible to use painted wood or ceramic inserts, original custom solutions.

parquet for wall

 The use of wood for walls is a new idea, the matching board was in the form of wall and ceiling cladding, also suitable for insulation and as sound insulation.

The goal can be aesthetic or technical, and in both you can get a sense of wood, the resisting qualities of laminate or vinyl. – Multiple choices for movies. 

Combined with basic and square furniture, wall laminate provides a pleasant feel, along with all the resistance genes that laminate has. It copes very well with possessiveness and minimalism.

wooden floors

Traditionally, laminate is used for flooring. Wall decoration is an unusual use. The products are packaged in Japan. Above the head of the bed, as a lowering of the corridor, as a fire, to highlight a certain corner or area such as the back TV in the living room, niche, kitchen. Offers different screen space in a variety of design options.

The most convenient products to use are undoubtedly synchronous effect floors, where the light is installed correctly, making cover, movement and honesty.

For a report, you must represent your need for an overall project. If the furniture is minimal, you can play with it a rich shade. Think about thinking about the effect of the wooden on the wooden, to get a greater view.

Wood effect on walls

Another very popular color is parquet with a thickness of 8 mm. With a warm, natural effect, with a chromatic presence that goes well with various styles and designs.

On the ceiling, or even provide only walls, such as a sculpture. Decorations on the walls.

Advantages of laminated wall

  • Very attractive design
  • wear resistance
  • long time
  • Acoustic and thermal insulation
  • simple installation
  • reasonable cost

It makes the environment very elegant, even if it is usual. That the integrated solutions are very beautiful, where the floor and the wall are of the same material.

Laying parquet on the walls

1- Laying the ground “floating”, a joist material or structure is used on the wall. The plate picture is directly on the wall, you can use a special glue, the problem, the problem is better formed with specific materials first.

2-Legal play should never be overburdened, and any spills should be removed immediately.

3- It can also be coordinated between the wall and the cladding.

4-, plate weight, safe assembly. And please seal plaster, can not be installed on pedestals, monolithic, second and triple flowers.

5- The reward will be an original design and furnishings for the room. Really, the plates on the wall have an amazing effect.

adhesive parquet coverings

1- Adhesive parquet : This does not mean that it is self-adhesive! It is adhesive with special addition. For a wood effect floor you can also roll a PVC roll (it depends on the size of the surface to be covered)

Corrosion-resistant, sliding surface: wear-resistant, insulating, non-toxic and suitable for heated floors

3-Multi-purpose: indoor floor covering, living room, bathroom, bedroom, dorm room, synthetic adhesive parquet (also as furniture covering)

4- Neat and stylish moisture-wicking, washable, easy to install or remove.

5-Building to scale: Rollers for wooden floors (and many other effects) are designed to beautify indoor environments and are available in a large area (100 and 200 cm) and in lengths from 1 to 20 meters! More parts according to needs


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