veneered parquet
veneered parquet

It is an extremely strong and scratch-resistant parquet veneer that consists of a layer of real wood over a high-density fibreboard. Therefore, veneered parquet is more resistant to stress points and more stable than hard or semi-rigid parquet. In addition, the new titanium coating makes your parquet more resistant to scratches and extensive use.


waterproof protection

But don’t worry, Parquet Veneer Parquet is by your side. Thanks to its waterproof surface, each blade is optimally protected from splashes or puddles, provided that it is cleaned within 12 hours. Therefore, parquet parquet veneer is as easy to maintain as vinyl or laminate.


The warmth of real wood

Each parquet board has a real wood top layer. Oak, Walnut, Teak or others? it’s your choice! The result: a beautiful natural look associated with the gentle warmth of wood.

sustainable choice

Wood is a precious natural material, which we use in moderation. This is why we use only a thin layer of wood as the coating for our wood floors. Therefore, to produce our laminate flooring, we need 25 times less wood than solid wood flooring. Plus, every tree we use for our floors comes from sustainable forests. Thanks to its unique composition, each board – including the core – is 100% recyclable.


Does the laminated parquet have any defects?

Laminated parquet provides the same advantages as solid parquet. Except for one side. The garden floor cannot be sanded with a crust layer of only 0.6 mm in diameter. Parquet with a top layer of 2 mm can be sanded once. But keep in mind that this is a difficult and expensive work, because the finishing – staining, varnishing, waterproofing, etc. It will also have to be rebuilt.

But by then, you’ll have time to enjoy your garden floor for years to come. For your old parquet renovation budget, you can already install new 0.6mm parquet. Trends and your personal tastes may change

parquet veneer


1-Veneer parquet is a kind of multi-layer parquet that combines the warmth and unique design of real wood with the advantages of laminate. This type of parquet is as easy to install and maintain as laminate flooring. However, there is one big difference: the top layer of veneer parquet is real wood, not an imitation print like laminate. What you see and smell is natural wood. Each veneered board is uniquely designed: a thin layer of high-quality wood veneer is glued to the strong and dense middle layer.

Although the individual layers are relatively thin, they still form a strong and durable ground cover. Veneered parquet is an ideal option for underfloor heating, since the structure of the floor covering distributes heat evenly and glue-free joints prevent the formation of cracks. The dense middle layer ensures better thermal conductivity.


2- Veneer wood differs from multi-layer parquet because the top layer is thinner than 2.5 mm. The floor is scratch-resistant thanks to the different layers of varnish that were applied during manufacture. The wear layer of real wood veneer is thin, but very strong, and the steel body gets rid of the impact of the impact of daily use of the floor. In any case, nicks and scratches in veneer floors are rare. Whether you choose a three-panel construction or a parquet board, you will be able to enjoy your flooring for many years without worry.

Advantages of parquet veneer

Affordable hardwood flooring Parquet flooring is available to suit all budgets. Are you considering laminate flooring because real wood flooring would be expensive? Then take a look at the parquet veneer. With such parquet, you have a real wooden floor for the price of laminate flooring in the upper part. In addition, the shell is wear-resistant and easy to clean. parquet veneer


Impact resistant and easy to maintain


It can withstand shock because it is made of three different layers. Veneer parquet has hard layers of paint. This makes the floor virtually scratch-resistant and ready for heavy use.


high resistance

Our titanium wood, combined with a high-density fibreboard core, makes a stronger and dimensionally more stable floor than any engineered or solid wood flooring. Use with peace of mind in the toughest areas of your home, such as your kitchen, or in high-traffic commercial use areas, such as hotel lobbies, offices, and retail stores.


the roof


Water Resistant The parquet board has a surface water resistance feature. Combined with a system, which protects the edges, gives you a 12-hour waterproof floor. This makes your floor bulletproof to everyday spills and drops.

sustainable choice


Wood is precious. We use it in moderation! We only use a thin layer of wood for the top finish. Our trees come from sustainably managed forests and each board is 100% recyclable, contributing to the circular economy. We get our energy from solar and wind energy. Sawdust and wood waste from our production facilities are used to heat up the floor space. The future is a CO2 neutral world.

real wood

Smell the real wood. Each parquet parquet is finished with a top layer of genuine wood core. Just like hardwood floors, no two boards are alike. Oak, teak or other types give the beautiful natural look you are looking for. The warmth of wood can never be found in a fake.


Perfect match with radiant heating


Different types of radiant heating systems can be used with parquet.

Floor To improve indoor air quality, Parque flooring is finished only with water-based stains, no-VOC adhesives, and solvent-free paints. It is scientifically proven that indoor air quality improves with Parque Flooring. All floors bear a high quality mark.

Endless differences

Each type of wood has its own character that can match your personality or taste. You can choose from over 20 colours, a range of styles and sizes until you find the parquet that fits perfectly in your home. Soft and light, rustic for a crisp accent or exotic wood – it’s up to you.


The composition of the parquet covered with parquet

  1. Titanium: 8 layers invisible lacquer

We can call it titanium! Extremely resistant thanks to eight layers of specially developed bulletproof varnish. The floor will be resistant to daily wear and scratches, and the pores will be moist and resistant to dirt. A polished finish is available, allowing you to feel the natural grain and wood pattern. This highly resistant, matte coating is almost invisible.

  1. A thin layer of real wood

On a board we press a wear-resistant layer of wood according to the scheme (double-sided impregnation). During this process, the gum is pressed into the wood. During the coating of the top layer, the wood absorbs the varnish and merges with the adhesive. The result is a titanium wood topcoat.

  1. High Density Sturdy Board

, the thinner the top layer of wood, the higher the impact resistance of the floor. The one directly below the wear layer is stronger than natural wood. This allows us to ensure that the floor is more resistant to heavy objects or stiletto heels.

  1. stability

Wooden bracket for dimensional stability.

base layer for parquet

Installing a parquet underlayment is an essential step before installing laminated or laminated floating parquet. It guarantees thermal comfort and above all acoustic comfort as well as good resistance of the floor coverings over time. Lining also makes it possible to compensate for some small irregularities in the backing and protect the parquet from increased moisture. Depending on their materials, the performance of underlayments varies and it is important to choose the foundation that best meets the constraints of your site.

What is parquet and underlayment used for?

The parquet underlay is placed between the floor and the new covering. Thus it makes it possible to make the intersection between the two, to serve as a support for the new parquet or laminate. Laying a base layer is necessary from different points of view.

Good thermal, acoustic and acoustic insulation guarantee

  • The bottom layer ensures good insulation:
  • Thermal prevents heat evaporation.
  • Sound and sound by reducing the transmission of shock or shock noise, as well as airborne noise from one floor to another.

Protection against increased humidity

The second function of the underlayment is to prevent the build-up of moisture by laying a vapor barrier film under the substrate, to insulate the parquet. This polyene film maintains moisture at the level of the concrete slab and thus ensures optimum protection of the parquet.

Ordinary parquet or laminate flooring

The installation of the foundation also makes it possible to correct irregularities from 0 to 4 mm of the concrete slab. This is a prerequisite for laying parquet or laminate, because any flooring of this type must be laid on a flat floor.


What level of insulation depends on the parquet or underlayment?

Depending on its thickness and material, the thermal and sound insulation properties of the substrate are more or less important.




1-If you are laying the parquet on one level, it is important to consider the acoustic comfort of the parquet; For this, the choice of a substrate with acoustic performance is an excellent solution.

The best soundproofing layer for parquet or laminate is also extruded polystyrene, followed by cork, wood fibers and polyethylene.

2- The thickness of the product also affects its performance. To compare the level of sound insulation between products, the noise attenuation index is expressed in decibels (dB). The higher it is, the better the sound insulation.

So the substrate is selected according to the required thermal and acoustic performance. The most effective, if one wishes to obtain good sound and thermal insulation, is extruded polystyrene.

Thermal insulation :

The best thermal basis for parquet is extruded polystyrene, as well as wood fibers. Next comes cork and polyethylene.

How to lay the underlayment of parquet and laminate?

Installing a base layer of parquet and laminate is a relatively quick and easy process.

After installing a vapor barrier film on your substrate to protect against increased moisture and condensation, you can apply your foundation while observing the product installation instructions.

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