modern paints
modern paints

Modern building and repair paints serve many decorative purposes such as those related to the environment, and are safe and provide a durable, resistant coating that is easy to keep clean. Modern paints are called both innovative paints – magnetic, slate, antimicrobial and others – and decorative paints that are easy to apply and maintain. In 2022, silk-effect paints are in trend, with a pronounced gloss and vice versa, with a matte texture. But the most important environmental selection criterion remains: the paint coating must be absolutely safe for health, hypoallergenic, fireproof.


Contemporary wall paints

Modern wall paints have all the advantages of traditional coatings – high hiding power, cost-effectiveness, a wide range of colors and textures, as well as excellent aesthetics. But in addition, modern paints have innovative properties that allow not only original designs, but also additional functions of the final coating. For example, new paints with silver nanoparticles, as well as magnetic paints – when painting a part of the wall with such a composition, you get a basis for decoration with colored magnets, it seems to be an insignificant game – but there are not enough playful moments in classic interior delights?

antibacterial coating

These types of coatings today are distinguished by a high price. But for the children’s room, you can take a can or two and paint the wall panels, because child safety is a category out of finance. Another question – are the advertised silver paints really that good? Manufacturers offer all possible documentation, confirmed by research: a new antibacterial coating with silver nanoparticles under the influence of sunlight acquires healing qualities, heals and purifies the air in the room. Aesthetically, these paints are not distinctive, and the finishing looks very simple. Antibacterial paints protect against more than 500 types of germs, and also have a hypoallergenic quality.


Today’s professional antimicrobial and antibacterial domestic paint Silver Nano and Silver Nano M is recognized as one of the highest quality paints in the ecological context. No smell, as it should be for eco-coating, good hiding power, complete fire safety (class KM1) of the finished coating. Due to the content of silver nanoparticles, the coating in the light acquires several important features at once: bactericidal, fungicidal and bactericidal action.


Modern coatings meet practical tasks, not just specialized medical or decorative tasks. Therefore, any new interior paint will be safe and resistant to washing, will create an even aesthetic coating when applied, will be wear-resistant and durable. Water-based paints are easily tinted to any color, and the maximum amount of tinting paste should be no more than 7% by weight, as is the case with most other water-based paints. Modified nano silver antibacterial paints do not differ from conventional paints during application and require the quality of a basic preparation.

Consumption – depending on the roughness of the base, on average about 120 g / m2. They produce ready-to-use silver nano paints, in a small package. Paints are expensive, they are considered a high level of finishing. Moisture resistance of the coating allows the use of antibacterial paint in the bathroom and nursery. Excellent adhesion to concrete, wood, brick, drywall, plaster, fibreboard, chipboard, plywood, etc., gives strong adhesion to the surface prepared with old paint or varnish. Paints are developed in fashionable and fashionable colors and the paint does not differ visually from ordinary decorative coloring. But according to the results of the research, silver nano paints have a pronounced antiseptic effect with complete safety for health. Actual colors and paint are visually no different from the usual decorative coloring.

magnetic coating

Interior paints containing fine metal particles – as a result of this finish, you can use a wall or wall as a decorative base. Many people like magnets on the fridge, but the entire wall is the same space for the collector. In addition to the original decor , magnetic paints do not offer any advantages.


In addition to magnetic paints, there are also all other compositions for preparing the base – magnetic primers and pastes. The compositions themselves are not magnets, but due to additions to the composition of the mineral powder, they acquire the ability to attract and retain materials with magnetic properties. Walls, decor, furniture facades and door leafs are painted with magnetic fixtures: a million options for individual interior decoration. Aesthetically, magnetic paints are just as good as other types of paint and can be found in any style and personality. For example, gray concrete paint, the famous Finnish paint with luxurious quality and aesthetics.


slate paint

This coating is no longer considered an innovation today, but it is not often found in interiors. The colors of slate paints are rich and bright – black, white, blue and green. You can draw with ordinary crayons, which are very popular with children. Interiors with slate walls or wall fragments are very playful, and can be attractive to people of different ages and hobbies. You can also draw on the walls with markers, there is another interesting paint – it is called: marker. But the most interesting are paints that combine all these features, for example, Lavinia 2in1 slate magnetic paint.

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