Earn money from the Internet
Earn money from the Internet

Today, many people are interested in the question of how to make money from the Internet, especially recent university graduates, students, and many more.. To work from home without the hassle of transportation or get up early in the morning without sticking to specific dates and work in your spare time, while others want to get an income Additionally, there are cases where making money from the Internet is vital, for example, during an epidemic there is a lot of work on the Internet. Moreover, in many cases this can be done without any investment. The main resource that you will need to devote to making money on the Internet is your own time and the acquisition of new skills.

There are many profitable sites from the Internet, but they are divided into several areas, such as, profit from freelance work such as translation, photoshop, montage, audio transcription, marketing a product and taking a commission on it, web design, and many works.


Earn money from the Internet
Earn money from the Internet

Earn money online by writing SEO friendly articles.

You can make money from the Internet by writing articles. There are many fields (such as technical, medical, news, sports, economics, tourism, elevators .. and many more) in which you can read well in the field you love, and then start developing skills and teaching the basics of SEO , and its definition is (Search Engine Optimization) is the name given to optimization studies to increase traffic from Google results to our website.

Then I start first by writing an introduction on the topic, and then I start putting the elements that you will talk about, such as the keyword and using the search in Google, and then start writing in the way that suits you, whether it is writing with paper and pen or if you have a computer. Learn, my friend, the Word program, which You will rely on it completely and never dispense with it, and if you do not have a computer, you can write by phone, whether in the notes or in Google documents. It is the SEO, and the third is the Word program. I will not leave you without help, but I will set you on the way.

I will simply explain to you. Once you join this community (groups) you will get many experiences such as you will find someone who puts tips for writing the article, and the mistakes that he made before in order to avoid them, in addition, you will find a lot of customers who request articles.

  • Secondly, after you have skipped the writing stage well, you will be offered to either deliver the article to Word or upload it to WordPress, which is like the Word program, but every site has scenes and not the page you see on Google. , then you start entering to add a new article or article and there you will write the article and specify the category in which you want to publish the article in addition to placing an appropriate image for the article.
  • Thirdly, it is the price of the article and here it is calculated in 1000 words and it is up to you and according to the effort you will make in the article.

This image shows how to write an article on WordPress


Profit from the Internet by writing articles
Profit from the Internet by writing articles

How to write an SEO friendly article/content?

SEO friendly content is written as follows:

  1. Create original content (not taken from elsewhere).
  2. Choose the appropriate titles for the content.
  3. Analyze the keywords.
  4. Use keywords proportionately.
  5. Use subheadings.
  6. Include related searches that are similar to the topic.
  7. Create an internal link.
  8. Improved meta description.
  9. Use images appropriate to the content.
  10. Specify the number of words according to the scope of the content.

Earn money from the Internet by designing photoshop

If you want to make money from the Internet through a hobby or your passion for designs, then you are on the right path. First, download a copy of the Photoshop program. Second, enter YouTube and watch videos to learn Photoshop for beginners. I will recommend two for you, namely ( Mostafa Makram , Ahmed Abu Zaid ), third. It is necessary to see a lot of designs to satisfy the visual identity so that you can be creative when a client asks you to design. At first, I advise you to create many designs and create them as if they were for a real client and keep them with you because if they ask you to design for the first time, most of the time the client tells you to give me a model or Do not worry about your previous work here, and with confidence, you will send him the designs that you saved before.

Where are you looking for clients?

The answer is to create social media marketing strategies. Share creative and extraordinary images designed to wake people up. Make them like you Be brave in your creative skills. Moreover, by joining Facebook groups, you will find a lot of customers, or through five, independent, or freelancer sites for profit from the Internet in Arabic.

Earn money from the Internet through web design

You can make money from the Internet by designing a website or blogger blog. All you need is just follow these steps:

  • Being a design lover and staying in front of the computer for long periods of time without getting bored.
  • I start your first steps by learning what I need to create a website, whether on Blogger or WordPress. First, I will explain the blogger. All you need is an email to create a blog, choose a name for the blog, the field of specialization, and the sections that are placed inside it, in addition to the template, which is the form of the blog, and this does not take long and also its material costs are not Many upon client’s requests. 
  • We come up with how to create a site on WordPress. Here you will need to buy the domain name, which is the name of the site, buy hosting, secondly buy a template suitable for the domain, thirdly install WordPress, then upload the template, then create the pages and the main menu, install A number of plugins needed to work on the site and get creative.
  • Now we know what requirements I will need, the question on your mind is how do I learn web design? There are many explanations on YouTube in addition to the presence of many groups on Facebook and you will find many people with experience helping you in the field.
  • The second question that revolves in your head: How do I apply what I have learned? In Blogger, the topic is simple and you will create a blog for 100% free of charge, but for WordPress, you will find platforms that give you free hosting in order to learn on it.  

Earn money from the Internet through programming

Earning money from the Internet by writing code is the dream of most of us. So what language will we learn? from where we start? If you are wondering how to make money writing code, you will know better what you can do in any language and which language there will be no obstacles for you to get started.

I will first explain that making money online by writing code is not a myth, but something you can actually do. Next, we’ll explain many ways, from developing mobile games to writing a WordPress plugin, and moving on to the concept of a programming language. Finally, I will see the pros of programming languages, help you as much as possible in drawing your own roadmap, and talk about the difficulties you may encounter while learning to code.

Is it possible to earn money from the Internet by writing the code?

In order to make money from the Internet for free by writing code at home, it is necessary to learn the programming language first. For this, you just need a computer and an internet connection to get started. Don’t be afraid of computers that you see as programmer computers on social media, because most of them are devices either for display or for functions that really require high-level compilation performance.

Any computer where you play games or surf the Internet comfortably will do at first. After explaining these little details, we can dive straight into the details:

How to make money from the Internet by writing the code?

While learning programming, after reaching a certain level, it is possible to make money from the Internet only from programs without leaving the house, that is, from where you are actually sitting (as long as you have a computer and the Internet at hand). In this way, making money from the internet is seen as self-employment, i.e. working remotely. When examining ways to make money by writing code, the notable options are as follows:

  • Software Development (Desktop Programming)
  • Mobile Application Development
  • web programming
  • Udemy etc. Platform training
  • Create WordPress Plugins

We can include in this list any area where a programming language is used to generate income by writing code. How to do it and the details require that you be creative as well as learn a programming language. Since how to make money with coding is one of the frequently asked questions by our fellow students, we will explain all the methods here:

Earn money online from software development

In this method, also known as desktop programming, you sell software that you have written (code) using a programming language. The thing to keep in mind when developing the software is that the project is original and working. Here’s how things work to create a software project:

  •  Research:   Before you start coding the software, you can start researching in your own environment. You can ask your relatives who are business owners about the difficulties you face in their business. Likewise, you can examine current and popular programs for inspiration.
  •  Listing:   After your initial research, you should list the challenges you face online in daily life. This list can be effective in increasing the practicality of the software you are going to be coding. Because the more practical and more functional the program is, the more favorable it is.
  •  Define the program:   At this point you have to decide the everyday problem you want to solve. After that, you can start setting up a program with an advanced interface and working on this topic.
  •  Program preparation:   The stage in which you code the program for the selected topic using the programming language(s).
  •  Testing:   You must test the software before it is released. The testing phase is of great importance in terms of trust and position to be provided in the market.
  •  Presentation of the software:   Unless you have custom software that you have coded, you will need a good presentation in order to be able to sell it. At this point, preparing a colorful and lively presentation that demonstrates the practical application of the program makes it easy to draw attention to the program. Presentations should be made to institutions in the sector to which the program is resorted and, if necessary, an opportunity to test it as a demonstration should be provided. It can also be sold directly to a company operating in the IT sector without going through software organizations. At this point, we should not forget that a person may assign all rights to the program with the prepared sales contract.

As you can see, when you combine your ability to use a programming language with the need in the market, it is possible to make money from the Internet by making software. At this point, remember that it may take days, weeks, months, or even years to set up a good, original program. This preparation process depends entirely on your experience and the scale of the problem; While you can solve some problems with very small UI elements, you may need to provide more complex solutions for others.

Earn money from the Internet by developing mobile applications

Start thinking of yourself. How would life be without your mobile phone and the applications on it? Mobile phones, on which we install an alarm clock in the morning, a pedometer, a notepad and many other functions that enhance life during the day, can give you an idea of ​​the size of the mobile application market. One of the lucrative professions in the future is undoubtedly mobile application development. When you focus on this sector and get a good education.

It is possible to develop virtual store applications, add products to these stores, develop personal applications, and develop mobile applications on any topic that comes to your mind. However, since everyone knows this tip I gave you, the competition is very high and therefore you should be a good app developer. By dedicating an hour a day and constantly developing small apps, you can become a good mobile app developer in 6 months to 1 year.

Profit from the Internet through mobile applications
Earn money from the Internet through mobile applications

The following steps can be followed to earn money by developing a mobile app with which you can make high profits:

  •  Extensive preliminary research:   When developing applications, operability is not enough. The developed application should be based on an original idea as well as its operability. A non-existent application has a higher monetary value and a broader market. Therefore, before developing applications, mobile operating systems application markets should be examined in detail and discover missing applications.
  •  Competitive Analysis:   There are many IT companies and entrepreneurs in the market. This can be used as a motivator and inspiration. Before starting to develop the application, it will be very useful to try other applications in detail and examine vulnerabilities and inoperable applications in detail.
  •  Application development:   In this stage, you are coding an application that the market needs, based on the shortcomings and loopholes of the application.
  •  Selling the app:   You can market your mobile app more easily than other types of software. You can download the app directly to the app markets and earn a fee for each download. You can also sell it to organizations or IT companies. If the method of earning money through the app is used, a good ad network should be used and the winning amount will be increased.

As in any business, it is important to be creative and be able to sell work to make money by writing code online. When you listen to your customers/users and post frequent updates in light of their experiences and satisfy them, you will be able to earn popularity and money in no time.

Make money by programming the web

Earning money with web programming is easier than other methods. You can make money by designing a website from scratch or revamping an existing website. Also, if you think that even the smallest of companies today need a website to get to know the business, you may find that your potential customer base is huge.

Just like in the field of mobile applications, you will face stiff competition in making money by writing code online. So, again, you should work hard and aim to design the best websites on the market.

Earn money through software development training

If you have a background in programming, making money by training is also important among the ways to earn money by writing code on the Internet. Nowadays, instead of learning programming language by reading books, learning through online courses has become a rising trend.

You can use the following platforms to make money by teaching online:

  • Udemy is an online educational platform. Unlike other education platforms, Udemy allows users to produce content as members. In other words, when you shoot your training videos and upload them to Udemy, after receiving a certain commission from each purchase, they deposit the rest into your account.
  • Coursera  : On Coursera, which has many courses in computer and marketing, most of the trainings are free, but those who wish to obtain a certificate for these exercises can purchase them for money. You can create such a system by preparing for the tests of the exercises you have prepared.
  • Youtube: It is a video platform where everyone can easily open an account. You can open a channel about the topic you want to teach and upload the videos I made there. It is possible to earn income with Adsense ads in these videos.

If you think that online education is not suitable for me, you can also try the face-to-face education method. Teaching programming or web design by private tutoring is one of the options among earning money by writing code on the Internet. Here are some intermediary sites where you can offer this service:

  • Fiverr  : Although it is a site that serves mostly abroad, because there are quite a lot of ads, you can give private lessons by posting.
  • Bionluk  : You can not only provide private lessons but also different services on different topics at Bionluk, which is one of the most popular local brokers. You can post your ads on the site that offers a wide range of services from translation to graphic design.
  • JustOn  : You can offer services in many different areas, from coffee fortune telling to software development, on justOn, a local site like bionluk. Private lessons are one of them.

Programming languages ​​you need to know to make money by writing code

One of the most common questions is asking which programming language to start with. For this, first of all, you should learn the useful programming language and choose the one that best suits your needs. For example, what programming language should I choose in the field of AI engineering? When you ask a question like, I can say that you should learn Python as the trend of the day.

So what is the Python language? More precisely, what is the programming language we just talked about?

What is a programming language?

A programming language is a set of commands used to translate computer commands that we type in expressions close to spoken language, into a machine language consisting of 1s and 0s that it can understand. The languages ​​that are closest to the language we speak and that are easy to understand when read are called high-level languages, and languages ​​that have more abstract and intensive arithmetic operations are called low-level languages. The classification that interests us are web programming languages ​​and desktop programming languages:

  • Web Programming Language: These are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, ASP and Python languages ​​that are mostly used for designing websites.
  • Desktop programming language: More Word, Excel, etc. Languages ​​like C, C++, C#, Java, Python, and Go that can also be used for applications and mobile app development.

In the continuation of my article, I will answer the question of which programming language is used in which fields and help you draw your own roadmap.

Make money by writing code online

Web programming languages

What is HTML and CSS?

When designing the web, you build all the elements you see on the page using HTML and modify their appearance with CSS. For example, you can split the page into three pages using HMTL, and with CSS you can set the font and background color in these three sections. Although HTML and CSS alone do not meet today’s needs, if you want to do web design, you should definitely learn it. Once you master these languages, you should switch to JavaScript.

What is javascript?

If HTML and CSS are the structure and body of the page, then JavaScript is its engine. With JavaScript, you can animate your static pages, perform all kinds of data operations, and design pages that interact with the user. While you can perform client-side operations of a page using HTML and CSS, you can perform server-side operations using JavaScript. After learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, you take an important step towards becoming a Full Stack Developer. So, what is a Full Stack Developer?

– What is Full Stack Developer?

The answer to the question of who is called a Full Stack Developer is about the languages ​​you learn. An integrated web developer roadmap typically covers learning one or more client and server programming languages. For example, you can become a complete entry-level web developer by learning HTML + CSS on the client side, JavaScript on the server side and any database.

What is PHP?

PHP is a server-side programming language that works just like JavaScript, making the page interactive and making it easier to work with data. Today, 79% of websites are using PHP because you don’t have to pay anything to use PHP. Therefore, PHP is in great demand. Also, for the WordPress theme and plugin development that we mentioned above, you should know PHP.

What is ASP?

ASP is a server-side programming language just like PHP. In the Microsoft .NET Framework and .NET CORE ecosystems, ASP carries part of the web design load. It would be better to learn C# directly instead of learning ASP, as it is increasingly being replaced by C# nowadays.


Programming with Python is one of the most popular ways to make money online in recent years. Python, one of the easiest and most fun languages ​​to learn and use, makes web design very easy thanks to frameworks like Django and Flask. Python is also the language of choice for desktop and mobile design.


desktop programming languages

What is C and C++ language?

Although C and C++ are different languages, they have similar writing patterns and are mostly used for tasks like system programming that require high performance. If you’re a newcomer to programming, I don’t recommend starting with C or C++ languages ​​due to their potential for complexity.

What is C# (C Sharp)?

The language developed by Microsoft, C# (C Sharp – pronounced as a spear) is very similar in spelling to C and C++, but it is a modern language that is constantly being developed and has a very broad ecosystem as the .NET kernel. Once you learn this language, you will have a very powerful tool at your fingertips for developing desktop, mobile and web applications, but it will take a little longer to learn.

What is java?

Just like C#, it is a language very close to C and C++. This language, distributed by Oracle, has been pushed around for some time. It is still widely used, especially in European Union countries. When you learn, it is possible to make money from the Internet. Besides Kotlin, Java is one of the two best languages ​​for learning Android programming.

What is joe?

This programming language developed by Google is known as Go or GoLang, which is a systems programming language just like C and C++. If you want to invest in the future, I recommend you to learn it, but it is not an ideal language for making money online yet.

It is entirely up to you which programming language you should learn to make money by writing code. After seeing the coding patterns of these languages, you should draw a roadmap for yourself and, above all, define a goal. Next, you must take action to learn one or more of these languages.

How do you learn programming?

If you are thinking about how to learn programming, then programming learning sites are your biggest helper today. Instead of going through a boring learning process with thick books like it used to be, you can buy courses at varying prices from sites like Udemy, Coursera or Pluralsight and improve yourself.

You must be proficient in English to take courses from sources such as Pluralsight. Given that programming languages’ help sets are also in English, the better you know English, the faster and more effective you will learn to code.

When we think in terms of price-performance, it is possible to find most of the resources at the cheapest prices on Udemy. In fact, as I wrote above, when you improve your level of knowledge, it is possible to earn money by teaching on Udemy. For this reason, I consider Udemy to be one of the best sites for making money, and I recommend that you consider the money you will pay for the courses you initially take as a worthwhile investment.

If you do not have the money, but you want to teach programming, there are many who explain on YouTube, such as ( Al- Zero , Al- Safi Hijazi , Kodzilla )

Benefits of learning programming

Learning to code has many benefits, from developing children’s logical thinking to making money online:

  • As you learn to solve a problem by breaking it down while learning to code, you will apply this method and be successful in other areas of your life as well. Writing your code positively improves the way you think.
  • You will have new career opportunities and opportunities to make money online. Contrary to popular belief, making money by writing code is not something you can only do in the software industry.
  • Knowing how to code can come in handy when you least expect it in your profession. For example, in finance or the construction industry, you can save time and money by writing a small automation program to solve a simple but time-consuming problem.
  • Earn money by blogging. By telling what you know, you can make money with advertising options like Google Adsense. On your way to making money by writing code, you can also make money by telling us how you learned to code. This is way easier than teaching code.
  • Similarly, you can generate additional income with Google AdMob ads that you will place in the mobile applications that you will develop, and in the next step, you can earn unexpected money by programming and selling a mobile game.
Earn money from the Internet from programming
Earn money from the Internet from programming

Earn money from the Internet from digital currencies “Bitcoin”

Earning Money from the Internet For the first time, the world learned about digital currency just over a decade ago. In 2008, an anonymous group or a whole group of unknown developers under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamato published on the Web the principles of a payment system called Bitcoin. A year later, the first transactions were carried out, and after two years – an exchange for a real product. Then no one suspected that some owners of even dozens of bitcoins would soon become millionaires.

Currently, there are more than a thousand types of cryptocurrencies, and their number continues to grow. But despite the diversity of digital assets, bitcoin still holds a leading position in terms of liquidity and the value of the coin. Is it possible to make money on bitcoins today and how to do it?

Bitcoin is not like traditional currencies. And unlike traditional money, which has a fixed monetary value and no known intrinsic value, bitcoins are subject to change with market fluctuations. With traditional money, you cannot be sure that it will change at a specific time in the future, while bitcoins are known to be very resistant to manipulation or influence. This makes bitcoins one of the most popular forms of virtual money.

What other ways to earn from digital currency are there:

• Trading. It is one of the most popular and effective options for making money in the cryptocurrency market. In this case, the main objective of the trader is to buy at a cheaper price, and to sell at a higher price, making a profit. However, the problem is that it is almost impossible to predict exchange rate fluctuations. Therefore, trading can be attributed to high-risk profit methods. You must be able to analyze the market and understand how to manage risk. You cannot act in a hurry in this situation.

• Referral systems. Many cryptocurrency services offer affiliate programs to their clients. To start earning, it is enough to attract new users to the exchange service. For registering users, you get additional bonuses, benefit from their transactions. In fact, you cooperate with the platform and have money for the invited users.

• investment. Alternative trading option. In this case, we are talking about long-term transactions. This option is suitable for both beginners and professionals, as it does not require special skills or abilities. In comparison with the same trading, the prospects in this case are much lower. You need to invest with caution. The cryptocurrency market cannot be called stable, therefore, even after a detailed analysis, the investor is not always able to make a profit.

• Mining. Those who would have bought a cryptocurrency at least once in their life know what mining is. Mining digital assets requires powerful equipment. For example, bitcoin mining is not suitable for beginners, although bitcoin mining can be profitable for large companies. It is advisable to extract assets if some grants do not need to be given to pay for operating costs. Mining cannot be considered a super successful way to earn.

• Cloud mining. To extract the currency, serious investments are required. As an alternative to traditional mining, you can turn to cloud mining. In this case, you can get the first profit by investing a minimum amount of money. The essence of cloud mining is to connect to a server that mines cryptocurrency. Owners of farms with video cards or powerful processors are already renting their equipment. There are a lot of such companies in Russia. Income and return on investment depend on the conditions of cooperation with the system.

• Stacking . In this case, we are talking about income generation based on the point of sale strategy. Staking is like mining. The digital currency is stored on an electronic account and brings passive income to the wallet owner. Compared to other ways to earn money, staking is of the highest order. Profit depends on a number of factors, including price and account. The more coins in the account, the higher the income. The main disadvantage of this method is the risk. No one is immune from the fact that the value of the cryptocurrency will not fall tomorrow. In the long run, this is fraught with losses.

On the other hand, there is the CPA, and it is very simply. It brings what others are looking for, such as someone looking for a montage program or a book, and all you have to do is download it on your device and register on a site to create a landing page or landing page and prepare it and put in it the program that you downloaded or the book and put The link in the Facebook groups is looking for the product that you presented and thus brings you many profits, and in order to understand the issue more clearly, watch the YouTuber  Mohamed Hilal .

Earn money online from bitcoin
Earn money online from bitcoin

There are two ways to earn money from watching ads:

The first method is to accept your website or YouTube channel in Google Adsense, after the conditions are met. In exchange for clicking on the ptc ads on the site, it brings you profits.

The second method is based on personal experience, as I mentioned before

We will discuss in detail, watching honest advertisements in exchange for winning while they are disposed of on sites, whether to collect bitcoin, or the Russian ruble, which is a virtual currency for those who did not know it and can be collected from many and then converted to dollars and then to Vodafone Cash.

How to earn money from the Internet by clicking on ads ptc

People go to untrue profit sites and I will now explain the sites for profit from honest ads and from personal experience. 

Let’s know the ways of guaranteed money-making sites on the Internet and how to start making profits on them

1-    coinpayu  site

Earning money from the Internet is the easiest and best honest profit site ever tested, through which you can earn satoshi currency for beginners, which is the mini-currency of the bitcoin, or more clearly like the cent, the mini-currency of the dollar, watching ads, and the minimum withdrawal is 10 thousand satoshi, which from my experience is possible That they be gathered in a maximum of two weeks per month.

2-  adbtc site

It comes in second place and is considered one of the best profit sites specialized in collecting satoshis by watching honest advertisements in the field.

3-  btcclicks . site

One of the best sites to earn satoshis from watching honest ads that pays.

4-  Cointiply

One of the best and most important profit sites that we are talking about to get money from the Internet to collect coins by clicking on advertisements.

5-  teaserfast site

It is a site in the Russian language, and the ruble currency is collected from watching honest ptc ads, the best sites for making money from the Internet for free, which is the installation of an add-on from Google, and when you do your work on the device, the advertisement appears automatically. All you have to do is keep it as it is and do not close it until it is calculated for you and provides you time instead of going to search engines.

Registration on these sites is all considered the same way. You can watch the YouTuber Khaled Al -Nadry  and he has many proofs.


A question you ask from the beginning of the article and how after you collected and reached the minimum withdrawal limit, what is the next step in order for you to receive the money in my hand?!

You must have a wallet in order to send your collected digital currencies, such as   faucetpay


When you receive 0.0005 or 50 thousand satoshis, you go to this  site and specify the Bitcoin deposit and withdrawal Vodafone Cash or any method you like. Cash, and if the payment is more than an hour late, please contact them through the messenger sign at the bottom of the page and they will reply to you as soon as possible. Transfer companies or brokers that you do not know, and it is possible that most of them are fraud companies because they have increased greatly and do not pay or want to take a large percentage according to the quantity.


Hence, we have provided a variety of easy information with a detailed explanation of honest profit sites from watching ads via the Internet for the majority of beginners, members and the visitor that the Internet can benefit from, the elite classifies it as one of the best websites, in addition, it is free and you do not lose anything. Just the experience increases you experience in different areas.


In the end, you must make more effort every day in order to make money, not quick profit through the Internet with ease and ease without fatigue or effort so that you are at home, despite that I have explained my personal experience with all the details from honest advertising sites online and in a free way, and from here the beginning The way to accumulate dollars.

Earn money online by watching ads
Earn money online by watching ads

Earn money from the Internet through  affiliate marketing

Make money from the Internet With the development of the Internet, new marketing formats have emerged with the aim of expanding formats and channels to attract consumer attention. This is where affiliate marketing emerges as an interesting alternative for those who want to work with online sales.

In addition, it can also be a great tool for producers of goods or services who want to further promote their products or services online.

Affiliate marketing has been around for a long time, in fact, it has been around long before the internet. For example, we can think of a restaurant that has an agreement with a nearby hotel, so that it pays a commission for sending customers to it.

However, affiliate marketing has risen in popularity with the spread of the internet, especially thanks to Amazon. , which has the largest affiliate program in the world.

Amazon’s history of affiliate marketing began in the 1990s, when there were still quite a few options for promoting yourself on the Internet. Google ads and social networks didn’t exist yet, and email marketing was very new. The main option was to include paid ads in newspapers or high-traffic portals, but instead Amazon chose to promote itself through thousands upon thousands of “personal pages” (blood ancestors) to private users in exchange for a commission. That time was about 8%). The program spread and as a result affiliate pages started popping up, until it became the big sector it is today.

If you are not familiar with the term “affiliate marketing” we will introduce it to you:

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is based on these three main ideas, which any blogger can implement:

1. There are media (blogs, portals or web pages) that promote products on their pages, and they charge sales commission every time a sale is closed on the seller’s website from their website.

2. There are different types of commissions, depending on the products or services being advertised. For physical products from major brands, commissions are low, between 4 and 12%. Commissions are higher (50 or 75%) when it comes to digital products placed in specific niches.

3. It’s a system you can trust. Transactions between the Seller and the Affiliate Partner are managed through platforms that are independent and transparent to both parties.

These types of companies with affiliate programs are a good way to monetize your blog, there are even affiliate blogs and niche blog networks that get almost 100% of their income through this medium.

Earn money online from affiliate marketing
Earn money online from affiliate marketing

Create a YouTube channel

Youtube is a great platform to make your way into entrepreneurship. So if you want to know how to make money with YouTube, this is your article.

With over 2 billion users worldwide, YouTube is the second largest social network in existence. So, it does not matter if you are an e-commerce entrepreneur and want to learn how to create a YouTube channel and earn extra money through online sales or if you are interested in knowing all you have to do to become a YouTube user. This article will give you all the information you need.

By the end of this article, you will know all about how to make money on YouTube in 2022. More specifically, we will tell you how YouTube users earn money, based on the number of YouTube subscribers that pay you, and how to monetize YouTube videos. In addition, we will give you tips so that your videos get more views and explain how to gain subscribers on YouTube.

Here is a complete guide on how to take your first YouTube steps the right way:

Create your own YouTube channel

Although it may seem redundant, creating a YouTube channel is the first step in being able to start making money by uploading content to this platform. The process of doing this is not complicated, on the contrary, the platform is very friendly and intuitive. To do this, you just need to follow these steps:

  1. Before you can start on YouTube, you must have a Google account (gmail email), and if you already have, you can skip to step 2. Otherwise, you can go to gmail.com and create an account according to the option Identifies you (company or for personal use ), and proceeds to fill in the required fields, such as username and password.
  2. With your Google account created, you can now go to the YouTube page and sign in with your Gmail account.
  3. Once logged in, click on the top right menu, where your profile picture will appear. A menu will be displayed and the option ‘Create Channel’ or ‘Creator Studio’ is selected.
  4. Here you can customize the channel with your first and last name or another name you want to use (by selecting the “Use a company or other name” option).
  5. Next, you can enter your channel and select the “Customize Channel” option, here, as the name suggests, you can customize your channel by adding an attractive profile picture, channel description, links to other social networks and/or website, banner and much more .
    Remember that in social networks it is important to be unique and attractive, especially on YouTube, so it is highly recommended that you take your time to be able to get all aspects of your channel identity at its best, although you can always edit or improve it later.
  6. Another element that can also help you make your new channel more engaging is to create a YouTube presentation video, which you can mark as the first video your visitors see. It is recommended that this video last about 1 minute, and that the content be clear and brief, although this is not mandatory. If you don’t want to make a presentation video yet, no problem, you can always tag some other videos that you uploaded on your channel at the end.
  7. Another step that is recommended to comply with is to verify the YouTube channel. Having a verified channel offers several important advantages such as the ability to upload videos longer than 15 minutes, add custom thumbnails to videos, and more. The process is very simple, just enter the channel verification option, enter your phone number and then enter the code that YouTube sent to your device by calling or SMS as you specified.

By creating, configuring, customizing and verifying your channel, you can proceed to upload videos on this platform.

Upload your first YouTube video

When you’ve already recorded and edited your videos (if a little editing is needed), it’s time to upload them to your YouTube channel, and there are several ways to upload them to your channel.

Upload videos directly to YouTube

If you want to upload your video directly from your computer to the YouTube platform, you should follow these steps:

  1. Inside the YouTube platform, you will find the camera icon in the upper right corner, you must click on it and then on the “Upload video” option.
  2. There you can select the “select a file” option or even drag this file directly from the computer.
  3. While the video is uploading, you can customize the video details, such as the title (maximum of 100 characters), keywords (necessary for positioning the video), description (which can include important links) and the video thumbnail. If your channel has been verified, you can upload a custom thumbnail, which is more eye-catching within the YouTube community.
  4. There are other settings you can apply to videos, such as selecting an end screen, cards with other videos on your channel, and the video’s visibility (if it’s public, private, or hidden). You can also set the option for visitors to leave comments or not.
  5. Once you’ve uploaded all the video and edited the details, you can publish your video directly or even schedule it at a later date.
  6. To be able to download videos without trying to die, the ideal is to have a symmetric fiber optic internet connection at home, as this will allow you to download heavy content at high speed and will greatly facilitate the process of becoming a YouTuber. If you want to devote yourself to the world of YouTube and Streaming, this is definitely an investment that you will want to make, besides the fact that this service is usually not as expensive as you might imagine.

Recommendations if you want to monetize your YOUTUBE channel

You can create a channel just for fun or to share videos with your family and friends, but if you want to monetize your YouTube channel, there are some recommendations that you should follow:

Channel topic and organization:

On YouTube, you can create a channel on almost any topic, but it is important that the channel focus, as much as possible, on your chosen channel. This will help you get the right kind of audience, and they will follow you to learn more about the topics you cover.

This topic should be reflected in other aspects of the channel, such as the logo, tagline, description of the videos, etc. Likewise, it is recommended to create a schedule for creating and uploading videos on a regular basis, this organized upload will help you to gain more loyalty from your followers, which translates to more visits and more money.

Video quality:

Although you can freely upload videos to YouTube if you wish with any type of content (as long as they comply with   our community guidelines  ), it is always recommended to   upload videos in high definition (HD). 

To record videos in high definition, it is not necessary to have a professional camera, because today’s mobile devices have this feature. The main complications can arise when uploading a video, since it is heavy and takes a long time to load on the platform, but if you have a fiber optic service, the upload time will be reduced to almost a few minutes in all cases.

If you think that you need to learn how to do everything in a more professional way, you can take a course on how to create and configure your YouTube channel from scratch. show?  id = tKwcaMhOANw & bids = 507388 - WIN Internetto achieve better results.

Generate income with YOUTUBE

You already have your channel created and improved, you have already uploaded your first video, now it remains for you to learn how you can make money on YouTube. This part may take more or less time, but it depends on how consistent you are with your channel.

YouTube offers a monetization program where you, as a YouTube user, can earn money from the ads that appear in your videos, but in order to be part of this program, YouTube requires a series of requirements, among which are at least a thousand subscribers, and that The videos collected at least 4,000 watch hours in the last year.

These numbers may be a little scary at first, but they are not impossible, in fact, in Lima, there are many YouTubers who have recently managed to accumulate a good number of followers, such as Valeria Saavedra (250 thousand followers), Caproolonia (190 thousand). Followers), Arturo Goga (74 thousand followers), Piero Vitteri (52 thousand followers), and Javar Vlogs (28 thousand followers).

There are many YouTubers who every day manage to increase their followers and income within the platform, and with perseverance and desire, you can also be a part of this list in a short time.


Earn money online from Youtube
Earn money online from Youtube

Earn money from the Internet through montage and graphics

Make money online If you know how to edit video or want to learn it, great! After all, with the help of these skills it is quite possible to earn money. How and where to do it, we will tell here.

Who is a video editor and what does it do?

Editing is one of the stages of creating a video product. What is the responsibility of the video editor:

  • successful parts selection,
  • to cut
  • connect different videos,
  • create transitions,
  • add music tracks, titles and captions,
  • Implement various effects, including 3D nowadays.

There is a creative component to the video editor profession. A good specialist will correctly place the accents, create an attractive video for the scenes, use various effects.

What software does the video editor use?

For video processing, there are special computer programs that allow you to connect video clips, apply effects, sound, photos, etc. Such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Camtasia, Filmora , DaVinci Resolve.

Pros and Cons of Being a Video Editor


  • Creative work.
  • Possibility of free work schedule.
  • Diverse topics and lack of monotony.
  • Continuous development and study of new graphic media developments.
  • Decent salary.


  • The need to work on the computer for a long time.
  • Irregularity of work hours in case of urgent requests.
Earn money from the Internet from montage and graphics
Earn money from the Internet from montage and graphics

Earn money from the Internet through translation

Making money from the Internet by translating texts is an art that not many can do, like a painter who draws pictures or an investor who makes money by investing every month. For a long time, many have devoted themselves to professional translation or simply to earn extra money to help pay monthly expenses.

If your skills are geared toward knowing the different languages ​​that exist, then this job option is right for you. Just use your knowledge of languages ​​to make it easier to translate it into other languages ​​for people who show texts and in return they pay you for it, and best of all it’s a work from home job.

Typically the texts most in demand for translation are from English to Spanish and vice versa, as well as German, Chinese, Italian and others where diversity is equal to all existing languages.

Tips to make money online from translating documents

Believe it or not, the truth is that you can make a very good living translating texts online. The world is becoming more globalized and many companies need to translate their texts in order to reach more potential customers.

The job of a translator is one that, like the vast majority, has undergone significant change in recent decades. Today, from home and your computer, you can work on translating texts for web portals, multimedia companies, video production companies … The fact is that content is consumed all over the world in the same way.

So, if you are wondering how to get money from the internet for free, if you are a translator or have extensive knowledge of two or more languages, you can make money translating texts online. To do this, you just have to know how this world works and begin to introduce yourself to it.

Here we give you a list of things to consider to start working as an online translator:

  1. Online Recruitment Portals: You should know that there are a variety of web portals that specialize in offering online translator jobs for money. Sign up and sign up for offers to try your luck.
  2. Set your budget : Know that when working online, you will have to set your budget. Usually, translators do not get paid for the hours allotted, but for the number of words to translate. Set your price, therefore, you will be able to apply for more positions.
  3. Register as a freelance translator: We recommend that, for legal reasons, before you start charging for your translations, you familiarize yourself with the freelance system in your country. The money you will be raising must be made public, therefore, it is worth being well informed.
  4. Your Linkedin Profile:  In order to have an online reputation and become a serious and trustworthy professional, it is best to have your Linkedin profile registered. Here, you can create a wide network of contacts and stay updated with the latest trends in your sector. In addition, it is the best offer to find a good job online, believe us!

Make money from the Internet You have to know that in order to make money translating texts, in the vast majority of the time , it is not necessary to have a job. In the online world, it is usually not necessary to be a graduate in translation or philology, but simply to know and master more than two languages.

Usually, in order to qualify for this type of job, recruiters usually take a test to assess your level of writing and your familiarity with languages. Usually this test is enough to enter the vast majority of companies.

What to do to make money translating texts

If you have already decided to start your new career and translating texts, then you need to know how it works to take the first steps.

The first thing is to discover websites or job portals that can offer you this type of job. In addition to more general pages like Infojobs, you need to know that there are many other web spaces that offer you this job specifically.

They are usually pages for translators and for translators looking for work. So, by registering your profile from here, you will have more chances to find a good job and also a good paying job.


Through this site, you can get great clients, like Tripadvisor, Alibaba or YouTube. 

Registration is free and you are required to take a test  to determine your level of English  . If your results are favorable, you will be ready to translate texts and earn money. 


This company is very well positioned in the market, in fact, it brings together thousands of translators who provide services to government agencies, academic institutes, etc.

It is one of the most complete and attractive websites for those who want to earn money or translate. All you have to do is register and choose your prices for the platform to start suggesting translation projects. 

1 hour translation

If you have experience as a translator, it is very likely that you are familiar with this site, or have used it at some point.

Basically, it is a great ally for the most experienced translators, as it connects them with world famous companies, such as IBM, CNN, BBC, Coca Cola and more.

Earn money online from translation
Earn money online from translation

Earn money from the Internet by transcribing audio

In order to profit from the Internet through transliteration, first define what is transcribed? It is to write everything you hear, whether it is a file (audio or video) with the letter. There are many languages ​​and dialects such as Arabic (the Saudi dialect, Egyptian, ….) there is also colloquial and standard, or English and others.

What skills do I need to have in order to transcribe?

  • Correct spelling, taking into account commas and periods.
  • Hear well.
  • Typing on the keyboard is fast.
  • Don’t get bored because you will repeat the clip more than once.

Earn money from the Internet. I will give you a gift for you, which are several videos that  explain to you everything related to audio transcription.

First , second , third , fourth , fifth , sixth , seventh , eighth video

Earn money online by transcribing audio
Earn money online by transcribing audio

Earn money from the Internet by making sponsored ads

Earn money from the Internet from marketing and making funded ads on Facebook. There is a large number who do not understand anything in this field. All he has to do is take a course in marketing, whether online or on the ground, and then a visa is made in order to make ads, and there is another way, which is to buy vouchers.

What are sponsored ads?

Sponsored ads are ads targeted to specific shopping keywords or search terms. Rather than designing an ad for a specific brand and paying to run it on a website, sponsored ads blend seamlessly with the retail media environment in which they appear. This means that they are usually indistinguishable from the content that a visitor came to that website to find.

When consumers shop online using digital marketplaces, they navigate through market listings that have been compiled in response to their chosen search term. When sponsored ads are on, consumers see both regular listings related to their search and related paid product recommendations in the form of sponsored ads. Sponsored ads are usually boosted to the top of the product list or promoted to major websites in some other way.

How do sponsored ads work?

There are a few key components that sellers will need to get the most out of sponsored ads on your retail media site. Budgets, targeting, and analytics are the main mechanisms that make sponsored ads a highly effective advertising strategy. Here’s what you need to know about each of them to give sellers the option to buy sponsored ads in your digital marketplace:

Earn money online campaign budget

It is important to allow sellers to set unique campaign budgets. Digital marketplaces typically allow for both budget limits that limit total campaign spend  and specific bid amounts  that limit how much the algorithm can display per click. CPC structures mean that advertisers won’t pay a cent until a customer clicks on their sponsored ad, making the strategy profitable for retail media companies and accessible to brands of all sizes.

Make money online targeting

Sellers need to be able to select the keywords, search terms, or product details they want to target. It doesn’t make sense to run a sponsored ad of winter coats to a shopper looking for summer bikinis, but showing the same ad to someone looking for long clothes or warm ski gear might be ideal. Enabling accurate targeting will ensure that sellers who buy sponsored ads on your platform get their products in front of the right people at the right time.

Some large retail media platforms, such as Amazon, for example, offer automatic targeting that uses an algorithm to match sponsored ads with relevant search terms on behalf of the seller. The Moloco Retail Media Platform provides fully automated targeting through an intelligent recommendation engine, ensuring consumers receive the most relevant offers and increase revenue per seller impressions at the same time.

Make money online with tracking and analytics

Finally, give sellers the tools they need to be able to analyze numbers and contextualize their campaign results. Creating reports and checking dashboards allows sellers to measure their progress and make changes to both current and future campaigns. Self-service campaign management tools are incredibly powerful for sellers because they provide access to real-time data that informs which levers they can pull to improve the performance of their sponsored ads.

Earn money online from sponsored ads
Earn money online from sponsored ads

Earn money from the Internet by creating a blog and earning from Google Adsense

How to make money from the Internet for beginners by creating a blogger blog, which is easy and does not cost you a lot of money. All you have to do is buy the domain, write articles, publish them, link them to webmaster tools, add a “robots txt” file, and you have to keep going for two months, then I start applying At Google Adsense.

Things to consider before applying for Google Adsense:

  • Make the site very simple, choose calm colors, and make the homepage only for articles. 
  • Adding contact us pages, privacy policy, and usage agreement (you can use our pages while changing the site link).
  • Modify the images that are added to the article so that they are not copyrighted.
  • The article should not be less than 1000 words.
  • Do not place ads for any other company before applying.
  • Bearing in mind that the site is compatible with mobile, desktop and tablet.

There are many people on YouTube who provide videos for creating blogs, such as ( Roya Informatics ) starting from zero to professionalism.

Earn money from the Internet by placing ads
Earn money from the Internet by placing ads

Earn money from the Internet through e-commerce

You can make money online from e-commerce which is a type of business related to selling goods and services online. Either through social media or through an online store.

How to start earning from e-commerce?

Make Money Online At this point, you might be saying, “Okay, I get it… e-commerce is great! But how do I do that? I’m here to learn how to make money with e-commerce!”

Well, it’s actually pretty simple: find out what people want to buy, and then sell it to them.

I know it’s not necessarily easy, but it’s in a nutshell. For an e-commerce business, we’ll simply take this principle and apply it online.

Your first step is to find a place or corner where you can enjoy a competitive advantage. Selling your product or finding a great product to sell is easier than ever, but it will take time.

Using a search engine optimization (SEO) tool like Long Tail Pro is like discovering the competitiveness and volume of different keywords in the space you are interested in. Similar to how niche site layouts are used to work.

This work is invaluable for almost any e-commerce business model, from an authority site to a dropshipping brand, because organic search remains one of the biggest engines of online traffic.

Whether you’re building your own e-commerce site or working as an affiliate marketer, you’ll want that traffic. More traffic means more total revenue.

Earn money from the Internet from e-commerce
Earn money from the Internet from e-commerce

Earn money from the Internet through  Modrator Manage Pages

Let me explain to you what is the function of “moderator”?

The moderator is the person responsible for managing conversations with customers, comments, reviews, or private messages, and whatever type of conversations, inquiries, purchase orders, questions, support requests, or even offensive comments. In short, the moderator is responsible for the “customer service” on social platforms.

So the moderator must be able to respond to customers, followers, and messages on the private message box, in a manner that is proportional to the decency and speed of response and answering the followers’ inquiries. He must have the principles and basics of communication, response, persuasion, and the basics of selling, marketing and customer service.

In addition, the moderator sometimes or most of the time faces customer problems because he is the customer service on the social media platform, and therefore he must have convincing responses and the ability to withstand the questions and pressures of customers and followers. Sometimes the moderator is in direct confrontation with angry customers or disguised competitors, and here he must be able to manage the conversations in a professional manner and be a mediator between the administration and the sales department and other departments such as shipping and accounting.

You can make money from the Internet by managing a Facebook page. The moderator must have knowledge of what the page offers in terms of services or products, and he can explain them and have models that enhance his ability to convince the customer.

The moderator is interested in quickly responding to customers and followers and interacting with their comments on the page with responses and solving problems. The moderator also works to record the most important customer questions and their most important comments that are always repeated continuously on all products or services. The modrator shows respect for customers and even angry or bad comments in a professional manner.

The moderator must be convinced of the importance of his work and the importance of the products or services he provides to customers or visitors to the page. Sometimes some tasks related to creating content, reformulating publications, and making adjustments within the scope of work are added to the moderator’s work.


Earn money from the Internet from the modifier
Earn money from the Internet from the modifier


Earn money from the Internet by creating and making pages bigger

Earn money from the Internet by creating pages. There are now many servers that provide you with providing followers for a simple fee, after creating and providing them and writing a number of posts and designs that you can sell and profit from. Or you can earn by activating the profit through videos or articles, and you can also earn money from the Internet by making share on the page for a fee, promoting a product on the page, or publishing the blog link.

Earn money online by creating pages
Earn money online by creating pages

Earn money from the Internet through online courses and lectures

You can earn money from the phone by offering online courses, if you are a professional in programming, marketing, creating websites, or teaching curricula. .

Earn money online from courses
Earn money online from courses

Earn money from the Internet through reviews on Google

Earn money from Google through reviews. All you have to do is buy a number of gifs and make the appropriate evaluation, or invite your friends to make the evaluation suitable for the place for a small fee.

Earn money online from reviews
Earn money online from reviews


Finally, I must point out that the job market requires you to gain a lot of skills because the competition has become more, with a large number of people working on the Internet.

Earn money online from apps 

You can earn money from the Internet through mobile applications such as Kwai, Tik Tok,  Clipclaps , Sweatcoin , kwai

Earn money from the Internet through apps
Earn money from the Internet through apps

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