kitchen paint
kitchen paint

Kitchen paint doesn’t bring a change of style just to this section of the home. Its main function is to protect the walls from high temperatures and moisture generated in the said environment.

Currently, you will find a variety of materials on the market with qualities that cover some kitchen needs in style. What should we look for in kitchen paint?

Elements to consider before choosing kitchen hoods

The kitchen is one of the most demanding environments in the home, as heat and humidity can be major factors when choosing a material to cover the walls. However, there are other items worth checking out before choosing one.


Grease fumes generally carry around the room, including the walls. Mainly those closest to the heating area or the kitchen. General cleaning should be done frequently in order to remain flawless. Therefore, the best material for that area is the easiest to clean.


The materials we choose to cover the kitchen walls must be resistant to the products we use for cleaning. It must also be resistant to high temperatures if it is near the kitchen and moisture in the environment.

Calculation of the surface to be covered with paint

It is important to know the surface of the walls that need to be covered with paint to calculate the cost of various materials.


If the walls of the kitchen are covered, you need a professional. Especially when the previous coating must be removed. It may also mean that the furniture needs to be moved.


One of the elements that we have to analyze before buying kitchen paint is the style. The walls should follow the same style guidelines as the kitchen cabinets and custom flooring. Everything should be harmonious and functional in this environment, which will be most visited by family members.

the color

The main element of the style is the color of the walls. Since using light colors, you can achieve a visual effect of amplitude and brightness. The final touch of elegance, undoubtedly, will give the furniture its color, texture and finish.

 kitchen cladding materials

Each material used for covering kitchen walls presents different qualities, and here we will tell you about the special characteristics of each of them.

Cheaper paint for the kitchen


Paint is one of the cheapest materials used in kitchen paint. It should only be borne in mind that it is suitable for this difficult environment.

The most commonly used is plastic and acrylic paint due to its quick drying ability and resistance to moisture and high temperatures. Some of them have an anti-fungal composition, and are ideal for kitchen walls and ceilings.

The most modern option is chalkboard paint, on which you can leave messages, shopping lists or special recipes. If there are children in the house, this will be their favorite corner.

coated paper

Wallpaper was a suitable alternative only for rooms or other environments that were not the bathroom or kitchen. There are currently options for coated vinyl wallpaper that offer a great deal of resistance when cleaning is required.

It is an excellent economical option that allows you to combine it with other types of materials. It just requires the wall to have a smooth and even finish so that it will last longer.


Vinyl can provide a quick change of environment, adding colors, shapes or phrases transforming a space into a unique space completely customized to your liking. For this, it should be sought that the material is resistant to cleaning, moisture and heat, which is characteristic of kitchen coatings.

More durable paint for the kitchen


Tempered glass is one of the most modern materials used in kitchen walls. It is completely resistant to heat and moisture, and easily cleans all kinds of stains. It can be transparent or painted in a variety of colors.

A feature of tempered kitchen glass is that it comes fitted like a car windshield. That is, if it is broken due to a strong impact, it can be easily repaired.


From the cheapest options in terms of materials and workmanship, we turn to the most durable ceramics for modern kitchens. The resistance  that kitchen ceramics provides to moisture and high temperatures cannot be compared  with previous materials.

In addition,  cleaning  and maintaining this material is quite simple. Ceramic kitchen tiles come in different colors, textures and geometric shapes to achieve a perfect design on your kitchen walls. There are different types of kitchen ceramics, among which are tiles, porcelain, and stoneware.


One of the most modern types of tiles is the rectangular type with beveled edges and high gloss. Although it also comes in a  matte finish  and a variety of colors. The durability and ease of cleaning kitchen tiles are indisputable.

Another characteristic of this material is that it is the most economical of kitchen ceramics. Venetian kitchen tiles help create designs and divide or frame different kitchen areas.


Porcelain tiles offer greater impact resistance, are water-resistant and their texture allows for easy cleaning. In kitchens with porcelain tiles, it can be seen that the joints are well hidden because the size of the mosaic can be larger than other types of kitchen ceramics.

They come in different colors and designs, including our kitchen porcelain  tiles  . Here you can find out about labor costs.


Porcelain stoneware is one of the most chosen coatings for kitchen floors, due to its resistance to water and high temperatures. Therefore, it can also be used on the wall.

It comes in a variety of colors and textures, some of which mimic the grain of wood or natural stone. The large size of the bits allows for more efficient cleaning and reduces joints that can be unsightly looking.

Perfect for covering from the floor to the height of a kitchen fire and combining it with another material from there to the ceiling, such as paint, vinyl or wallpaper.


Among the most expensive materials of marble kitchen walls. Using these materials, a modern and elegant method is achieved. In turn, it can generate a cold environment, which is why it is combined with materials that provide warmth to the environment, such as wood.

This material is highly heat-resistant and water-resistant when it receives proper treatment. The gloss decreases with use, so polishing should be provided from time to time during its maintenance.


Another widely used material for cladding modern kitchens is quartz. The beauty, sophistication and durability of this material makes it one of the ideals of modern kitchens.

rustic kitchen paint


The wood is one of the most selected materials for kitchen furniture. In this case, if we choose it as the wall cladding, we should choose the stainless steel covered furniture.

Thanks to the simplicity of wood, a stainless steel furniture finish is achieved. Perfect combination to achieve warm and welcoming style with kitchen covers.

The secret lies in the external protection that must be provided to protect it from the hot and humid environment.

Concrete or cement

Concrete is one of the most rural and cheap materials, where they are used more and more on kitchen walls and workflows. The key to this material is its low cost, the texture it provides, and the ease of combining it with other materials, such as wood, stainless steel and marble.

Its properties include impermeability, ease of cleaning, and moderate heat resistance as long as it is indirect. Learn about the reform cost for each square meter to update your kitchen model.

exposed bricks

A very modern option that provides an industrial air and adds a lot of character is cladding rustic kitchens with exposed brick. It can be seen directly or alternately drawn to achieve a different and unique effect.

This material does not tolerate  heat or moisture well, so it can be placed in the upper line of the fire along with another material that is more resistant from the line of fire towards the ground.

Another option is to choose it to cover a wall away from the cooking area. It belongs to the group of porous ceramics, so it should be processed as quickly as possible.


Granite is one of the classic coatings in the kitchen. The texture of this stone allows it to be classified under rustic and warm styles. If treated properly before installation, it is very easy to clean and scratch resistant.

A detail to consider in this material is that it is more expensive and heavier than other materials currently used as kitchen wall coverings.

natural stone

Among the rural materials are natural and artificial stone panels that add color and texture to the kitchen. The arrangement of stones on an enhanced concrete base of a glass fiber network is easy to place and to prevent its separation.

This material is hard, compact, durable, water-resistant and highly resistant.

As you can see, there are many materials available for kitchen hoods. Now you just have to choose the style and choose one of them or combine them to create a unique and warm atmosphere for the whole family.

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