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kitchen ceramic ideas

سيراميك المطبخ
kitchen ceramic

kitchen ceramic

Far from conceiving kitchen  ceramics as an exclusively functional and operational space, recent studies show a marked increase in aesthetic and decorative values ​​among the main reasons behind the renovation.

The great technical developments in the ceramic sector in recent years have multiplied the possibilities of a material such as tile, which now adds value in terms of design and trends due to its great resistance and ease of cleaning.

 Existing  kitchen designs are choosing new sizes, XL formats but also small formats for wall cladding  . We can also appreciate new colors and more sophisticated finishes or copies of natural materials such as stone and wood. Installation is also experimented with in the  decoration of the kitchen  using formulas that go against traditional linearity and choose the most creative and dynamic compositions.

Why choose kitchen ceramics?

Due to the extensive use and the aggressions that we subject this room to on a daily basis, it is advisable to choose a high-performance product that ensures optimum maintenance and durability.

Despite the many options currently on the market, ceramic tiles remain the ideal system for decorating the kitchen, unmatchedly combining design and functionality:

Aesthetically, Ceramic Kitchen and  Flooring is extremely versatile and is available in a variety of designs that blend with every existing style of decor. His designs are not limited to floors and walls only, but also to major surfaces in the kitchen such as furniture, countertops or islands.

Functionally,  ceramic  , like any other material, guarantees maximum durability, resistance and ease of cleaning, becoming the perfect ally so that the kitchen always looks like new.

For these reasons,  ceramic tiles  to this day remain the best valued kitchen material by users and experts in business and repairs.

Ideas for covering and paving kitchens with tiles

Kitchen remodeling can become an exercise in creativity and be a very interesting process if we know all the alternatives and trust the professionals who carry out the project.

With all the possibilities and resources that exist today, decorating  with kitchen tiles  is the freest way to create new and unique spaces with personality. New shapes, designs, patterns and textures have upended   interior décor, leaving traditional kitchen design far behind. Some of the new options and trends are:

  • Mix different tile formats to achieve combinations of greater aesthetic strength.
  • Create themed spaces thanks to the cool graphics of  imitation stoneware porcelain tiles  or decorative murals to accentuate an area or wall.
  • Colorful, colorful and original spaces with hydraulic tiles on floors and walls.
  • The absence of breaks and homogeneity in the space with  the tiles of large size  .
  • Patterns and textures through digital printing of ceramics that provide distinction and differentiation.
  • Ceramic carpets through decorative tiles or a combination of shapes to define spaces and enhance spaces from an aesthetic point of view.

Tile and flooring suggestions for kitchen decoration have no limits and adapt to any dimension and decorative style to create the perfect space in every home.

How to choose kitchen ceramics

Despite the fact that eclecticism and merging of styles are becoming more fashionable, it is true that each decorative trend combines a series of characteristics that tend to go well with some designs than others.
  • In rustic kitchens, it is  stone-effect tiles or  wood-reproduced porcelain tiles that provide special comfort and elegance.
  • In modern kitchens, the trend is bright colors or contrasts that reproduce playfulness and original style.
  • For older kitchens, hydraulic tiles or mosaics are key.
  • Classic kitchens tend to go with  the  more elegant and sophisticated marble or imitation stone cladding.

One of the basics to consider when looking for kitchen tiles is white tiles. “White” in the kitchen is classic for its versatility and possibilities combined in multiple styles and directions. A classic that never goes out of style and is currently reinvented with many finishes, variations, volume tones, shapes, etc. that opens up a new dimension to the collections to bring light and balance to the kitchen design.

The wide range of proposals available today in terms of ceramic tiles allows us to take the decoration of the kitchen to the top no matter what specific style we will apply it to. The key to a satisfactory outcome is to be clear about the goal we want to achieve and where to find the materials to revive it.

If you want to renovate your kitchen with the latest trends in  decorative tiles and mosaics , then this article is perfect for you. Give your kitchen a unique design full of elegance and fashion with these ideas.

1. Multicolored mosaic

If you are the type of person who loves boldness in colour, then this mosaic is the perfect choice. Its combination of materials enriched in gloss with flat, structured finishes, and sober multi-colours, will bring life, elegance and fun to the kitchen space. So that the environment does not seem saturated, we recommend combining this mosaic with walls of light colors.

2. Earth colors

Earth colors include a wide color gamut including, but not limited to, pink, sand, peach, orange, and brown. Using mosaics in these shades, you can recreate a natural atmosphere full of life and warmth in your kitchen. Plus, thanks to its gold and copper metallic details, it will bring light into the environment.

3. Neutral tones

Neutral colors are ideal for creating modern, sophisticated and visually appealing spaces. Choose shades like gray or less saturated blue to evoke a sense of calm and serenity in the kitchen. Likewise, mosaic with a mixture of materials such as marble, glass and metal, and a glossy finish, will bring brightness and sophistication to the environment.

4. The Negro

Black and white are the distinctive colors of aesthetic simplicity in interior design. Combine mosaics of this color with white or light gray walls to give the kitchen an avant-garde and elegant touch. We recommend matching it with your dishwasher faucet in a matte black finish for an original and impressive style.

Infallible ideas for tiling your kitchen

If you’re someone who thinks kitchen tiles are a thing of the past, you can’t be wrong. It is true that tiles have been with us for many decades, but in the 21st century it is still a very topical topic. And to prove it, here are some decorative and modern ideas for covering kitchen walls with tiles and getting them just right.

It is the natural way to cover kitchen walls. Traditionally they have been the best, if not the only, solution in this type of space. And while there are other options to consider today (such as paint, micro-cement, or vinyl coating), ceramic is still a material today. A far cry from the old fashioned, this traditional material has seen truly incredible technical progress, allowing for an endless array of design options. Do you want to meet them?

Latest kitchen ceramics

If in the past ceramics were made one way, with reduced and limited finishes and shapes, things have changed to an unexpected frontier. Today, ceramic tiles and coverings could not be more diverse and modern. There are so many layouts, designs and finishes to explore that choosing tiles for your modern kitchen can be complex.

The current catalogs of ceramic companies offer thousands of ideas for the walls of our kitchen. There are tiles for all decor styles, from large, smooth-surfaced pieces, perfect for simple spaces, to ceramic wall tiles that imitate materials like brick or cement for industrial-style kitchens. Or the beautiful subway-style tiles, rectangular in shape and beveled, glossy polished and black joint, which work well in airy, old-fashioned environments.

Ideas for tiling your kitchen

In addition to this variety of design options, it is also very modern to combine different shapes and designs in the same kitchen. We can play with plain and patterned pieces, or with different textures and patterns, to achieve original and stunning combinations. It is an infallible way to liven up an ornament.

Ideas for tiling your kitchen

White kitchen ceramic ideas

White or colored? This is a question that everyone who has had to renovate or decorate this space should definitely face, every day and essential. Whatever the final answer, the truth is that white is a star color in today’s kitchens. Not only does it provide a feeling of spaciousness and cleanliness, which never hurts, but it is also very versatile and timeless. It’s perfect for kitchens of all styles and never goes out of style.

Ideas for tiling your kitchen

When choosing white kitchen ceramics, some issues should be considered. First of all, it is important to bet on visual continuity on walls and countertops, and to choose large-sized pieces that result in fewer joints and greater harmony of the whole. This type of large ceramic arrangement triumphs in contemporary and minimalist environments.

kitchen ceramics

kitchen ceramics

Groups do not go unnoticed

When it comes to selecting a kitchen trim, there are no prior guidelines to follow, and no design restrictions. The borders are set by you and your imagination, and there are many ways to decorate walls with tiles. You can, for example, highlight some areas over others. How about choosing a different ceramic for the front of the worktop than for the rest of the walls? This way you focus on this space, create contrasts and liven up the decoration.

kitchen ceramics

kitchen ceramics

A very decorative alternative is to combine tiles with other materials such as paint. You can lay tiles on the wall in the cooking area and flood the rest of the kitchen (using a suitable paint). Choose similar tile and paint colors and you will achieve a balanced and elegant environment.

Or combine ceramic tiles with a wall of wallpaper, furthest from wet areas. It’s a great idea to give the space a classy and elegant atmosphere. And it’s just another one of all the trends still to be explored in the wonderful world of kitchen tiling. Go on an adventure!

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