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How are natural stone products installed?





Stone wall cladding It is an aromatic product frequently used on aromatic interior surfaces. Add a veil inside. It is a frequently used product in decoration, coffee shop, decoration and behind panels.

widespread abroad. This is water resistant. In addition, since it is an additive, there is no chip or rupture. Production of stone wall cladding. It is a polyurethane briquettes product obtained from natural stones. The panels are generally produced in white. However, it can be painted in the desired color according to one’s taste and preference. The highest quality wall cladding panel with today’s technologies.

Forbidden to be reserved. The best way to give the appearance of natural stone is to produce it from polyurethane. I advise you to cut it lightly, it is very very easy to install. resistance to impacts.

How is stone wall cladding made?

Contribute to the increase of vaccination in nature. Stone wall decor transforms  an idea space into very special areas. Its application is very simple. paint application

  • Choosing the color and pattern of the distinctive stone for the desired space is an idea.
  • You should take measures against the walls that will be covered.
  • Before painting work, images are in space.
  • The surfaces of the walls are ready to be painted with the adhesion sensor and the primer is waiting for it to dry.
  • The stone coating materials are painted according to the type of the latest version.
  • The process of preventing diffusion of the wall.
  • If the plaster mesh is fixed, screwing is done at certain points. Then the plastered mesh is covered.
  • The spacing of the joints and the predetermined dimensions. After the printing process

In the meantime, it is possible to root the plain-looking walls. It has emerged as a good alternative to regular walls.

Stone wall cladding features

A threshing made of real stone is expensive and practical, which reduces the space in which it is used, and is also very heavy. Stone wall cladding products give   exactly the same picture. Features of stone wall cladding.

  • Suitable for all types of paints.
  • Easy surface installation. It is light and durable.
  • It will give the same look as real stone veneer.
  • Sound, water and heat insulation are available. What’s new to bear is added.
  • Its materials do not catch fire. It is useful against fire hazards.

Given these features and the advantages that they will add to the space in terms of aesthetics, it will turn out to be preferable. It surpassed the original gypsum.

What are the advantages of using stone wall cladding?

Where  work procedures are carried out in neighboring areas, where work procedures are carried out in neighboring areas. These processes are;

  • He says it adds a difference to the wall decorations.
  • A picture of a natural stone can be obtained. His choice to be nice to the place he judges, at the time, to be a quote from.
  • Random access right atmosphere can be achieved.
  • Stone ideas ideas home aesthetic when ideas are warm.
  • You can interact with him in the bathrooms.
  • A very modern look can be achieved by covering only the columns and beams.
  • It also looks nice nice when used in marble.

A material that replaces a stone that has quality characteristics. Natural stone was used for paving roads. But in order for the path of your garden or yard to be your activities, following the rules, you can carry out professional paving.

What kind of stone is it on the road pavement?

Best choice in the form of granite price option. Format can be selected based on customer preferences.

Each type of stone has an individual structure and color. So, the general reason for the scenes is that it’s because of that. Focusing throughout the garden, you can use quartz or slate. Its borders have an attractive appearance.

What do you need to work?

Begin to start preparing for war on its territory:


  • Builds ;
  • sand (sieved);
  • special glue
  • shattered rock;
  • Plastic pipes.


You may also need a special fabric to prepare the base. Stone laying tools: grinder with special circuits, hammer, trowel, trowel, mortar bowl. In addition, the broom and brush may be in the hand.
In the area that will become Masouda, the payoff of removing mud. Next, the matter is to create a concrete base or cushion of sand and gravel. A concrete base is used if the thickness of the stone is less than 30 mm. Or if the soil with weak soil.

Get rid of excess water

To prevent precipitation and melt water. This procedure is especially important on clay soils.

For drainage, dig up the covered area. Watch such a trench

As a result, collect data from the excess. And nothing will harm your path or square.

We put stones

Any natural or synthetic metal can be placed:

  • autocratic
  • Rows.


Row laying is similar to brickwork. Auxiliary work method of the arc, you can make a round ornament. It is a typical mosaic

Before starting work, the base on which you rest. The base must be concrete.

Assign it thin stones (thickness up to 3 cm). Goods of greater thickness, a dry sand-cement mixture is used. It is wet from the natural shedding, and it binds together.

Extension is carried out from the edge to the center of the square. Pavement is installed along the edges or a concrete solution is poured. After laying, the pointer is sanded to distribute it evenly.

For all processing area or adjacent site. In our stone catalog, you can choose any granite, quartzite or slate, and we’ll help you arrange and install!

How are natural stone products installed?

Natural stone as a facing material never goes out of fashion. The start of its maintenance and, of course, its noble and magnificent appearance. There is a nice synthetic material that rivals natural stone.

How is the cladding stone made?

For decorating facades and interiors various types of natural stones. These are granite, sandstone, slate, etc. It is used mainly for internal work, as it is destroyed under the influence of wind, snow and rain. The confrontation is carried out in the following order. First, the surface is ready. It meets the following requirements:


  • It is recommended to finish the wall on time. Work started at the beginning of work.
  • All work, for which there is a risk of damaging the stone, must be done before cladding.
  • Which increases the thought of a slit on the wall.
  • The wall must be clean and free from dust and dirt. Remove loose grout from the surface. Then the stone will be more compact.
  • Hoping to cover cracks and potholes.
  • Metal mesh stuffed on the wall.

After that, you can move to the lining.

Putting stones on the walls


The natural stone must be clean and dry. They are glued to the surface with a special glue. This is a dry substance to which the amount of water is added. The stone is installed as follows:

  • The comb is done. As a result, formation of formation.
  • The stone is pressed to the surface, the top of the canister is removed with a spoon.
  • The seams are frayed between them.

When installing large stone products, the fastening is fixed with screws. The facades are finished with natural stone.

ground mode

Stone land is an expensive pleasure that only the rich can afford. The high cost of the high biography. Usually granite or marble is used for this.

This is finished because it is suitable for public places. In addition, marble absorbs various contaminants, stars seem to be difficult, and sometimes impossible, to clean.

Extension is done in a similar way. Stone tiles are laid on it. You should give great importance to the processing of seams at the joints.

stone surfaces look prestigious and beautiful; To improve its service life, it can be treated with mounts. They protect the material from the action of aggressive environments, precipitation.

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