How to choose decorative tiles

البلاط المزخرف

decorative tiles Join the tile decorating trend and create themed walls in all rooms. The use of patterned tiles in bathrooms and kitchens is a great classic, now being reinvented and also invading living rooms, bedrooms and all kinds of commercial establishments. A trend that was hitting hard and couldn’t be more versatile and practical. […]

Learn to recognize the properties of ideal ceramics


  The kitchen is the true heart of the house: it is not only the place where we prepare and eat the main meals, but also the place where we can welcome friends, carry out various household tasks and, above all, make time for ourselves and our hobbies, experimenting in the stoves. For this reason, […]

What should I consider before buying ceramic tiles?


In short, ceramic tiles are a friend! Does your child love to explore every inch of the house? You can allow time by glass, email, email, email, or email. It causes allergies, and it does not retain particles of dust, dirt or bacteria, which makes it ideal for contact with children or people with allergies. […]

What different types of tiles are there?

أنواع البلاط

When choosing the most suitable type of  wall and  floor covering for each niche, it is important to know the characteristics  of different types of tiles  according to their composition and their best uses, so that we can choose the most suitable option. Types of ceramic tiles The properties offered by  the different types of […]

kitchen ceramic ideas

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Far from conceiving kitchen  ceramics as an exclusively functional and operational space, recent studies show a marked increase in aesthetic and decorative values ​​among the main reasons behind the renovation. The great technical developments in the ceramic sector in recent years have multiplied the possibilities of a material such as tile, which now adds value […]

What is the difference between ceramic and tile?


One of the most common doubts when we talk about ceramic materials is how ceramic is cut and what is the difference between it and tiles. In this post we will try to clarify this and other similar doubts, because we will talk about what tiles are, how they are made, and what types we […]

Where can ceramic parquet be used? What are the advantages?

سيراميك الباركيه

  Ceramic parquet models with a wooden look have started to appear more frequently, especially in recent years. People who are afraid to achieve the look of parquet in their homes, offices and even outdoors, but due to the problem of covering the parquet and the fact that parquet is not a very durable material, […]

Why do we install ceramic tiles?


A new ceramic tile installation can infuse a facelift. Beautiful and sturdy flooring ceramic tiles are commonly used, but can also be used on a countertop wall or countertop (such as a kitchen backsplash). The result of a tile installation is a visually appealing coverage and message that you can keep from many. The most […]

How to install cement tiles

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Cement tiles are handcrafted using cement and pigments. Due to the nature of cement and pigments, such mosaics may have slight variations in color and shade contrast. We recommend that before installation, mix boxes from different boxes to balance differences in color and tone. When removed from the boxes, some mosaics may have a white […]

How to install tiles and porcelain in a professional way


In the following article you will find everything you need on how to lay tiles or different types of ceramics, whether it is stoneware, porcelain, enamel, extruded or tile. We’ll talk candidly about the entire preparation process, finding out what materials will be used and how to lay the tiles using different techniques that you […]

All the main stages of bathroom renovation

تجديد الحمام

The bathroom in any apartment and in every house is of great importance. It’s the first place we visit in the morning. The amount of positive energy we receive depends on its elegant and festive appearance. The bathroom needs to be well thought out in terms of plumbing placements, functionality, and design. Bathroom renovations can […]

Tile laying: feature recognition

Pose de tuiles

Ceramic tiles should be used strictly in accordance with the requirements for its use. Floor tiles are not used in wall cladding, and wall materials are too brittle to cover the floor. For the bathroom and the room with a high level of humidity, moisture-resistant ceramic tiles are used. Regardless of the amount of work […]

Bathroom ceramic tile technology

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Strength, beautiful appearance, excellent resistance to performance – in short, this is an ideal option. And although the laying technique has become quite complicated, you can work on your own. To do this, you need to know the order, some information, secrets and accuracy, The first stage Like any kind of work of revolution and […]