Interior Wooden Flooring: The Secret to Its Success

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If you are thinking of changing or renovating the floors in your home, laminate flooring is the perfect choice if you are looking for an ecological, natural and renewable wood floor. This type of flooring is so versatile, in the market you will find endless types and combinations, which may make you hesitate to choose. […]

5 ideas to change the floor without doing the work


There are many options on the market that will allow you to radically change your home without the need for business. These five tricks we suggest will refresh the floor, adding elegance to your interiors. The new generation of reforms seeks maximum speed in the execution of work while avoiding inconvenience to users. Until now, […]

Wood Looks: 5 Alternatives You Didn’t Know About Your Floor


The choice of flooring is one of the most important decisions to make when decorating a home, and one of the most obvious aesthetic changes in a home. However, it is one of the most tedious repairs to carry out and many resist the thought of the mess caused by debris, noise and dust that […]

Advantages and disadvantages of parquet floors

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  One of the most important elements to keep in mind when starting a repair is the floor. Surely you asked yourself the usual question: is it worth laying parquet on the floor of my house? And once you answered that you want to use parquet instead of some cold and sad tile, you surely […]

What is parquet? What are its types?


parquet floors It is a type of organic coating used for . It’s a natural material used to cover the floor in floors. It is widely used in buildings. It has useful and easy to clean features compared to its alternatives. Home, office, etc. It can be installed quickly and easily without any problems in […]

Wooden floors for interior decoration

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Parquet flooring is a classic material developed with technology. Today there is a wide range on the market in terms of quality and finishes: Different types of parquet Natural wood parquet  is found  in floors (solid piece), in strips (rectangular pieces), or in multiple layers (base and intermediate layer of pine and surface layer of […]

What types of parquet best suited for your home?

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Flooring is one of the most important parts of the home. Not only does it provide long durability even with frequent use, but it also serves as a prominent decorative element and must be taken into consideration. For this reason, it is important to know what type of floor to choose based on functionality and […]

Where can ceramic parquet be used? What are the advantages?

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  Ceramic parquet models with a wooden look have started to appear more frequently, especially in recent years. People who are afraid to achieve the look of parquet in their homes, offices and even outdoors, but due to the problem of covering the parquet and the fact that parquet is not a very durable material, […]

The four main advantages of wood-veneered parquet

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It is an extremely strong and scratch-resistant parquet veneer that consists of a layer of real wood over a high-density fibreboard. Therefore, veneered parquet is more resistant to stress points and more stable than hard or semi-rigid parquet. In addition, the new titanium coating makes your parquet more resistant to scratches and extensive use.   […]

Water-based parquet paints, oil and wax finishes: everything you need to know

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We will talk about parquet painting and finishing in this article. Wood is a living material. Over the years it transforms and transforms, taking on a new normal and living. , Goods sold in non-tradable goods. Choose the type of finish – parquet lacquer finish, parquet oil finish, parquet wax finish – is not instant: […]

Types Of Parquet Coverings For The Home

Parquet coverings , for interior walls, is the perfect solution if your goal is to do itself in the practice of masonry, ensuring its height Parquet The photo in this case shows the creation of a three-dimensional continuity, capable of space. Be careful, the advice is to use the last solution for only one wall, […]

How to clean parquet, useful tips and products to avoid damaging it

  The appearance of warm colors and above all the textures of parquet wood fibers flooring give a touch of classic elegance to the home. And if aesthetic qualities, good versatility and good simplicity of installation are combined, then you understand why it is one of the most popular solutions. To ensure that the qualities […]

Parquet flooring: which one to choose for a stylish effect?


which Parquet flooring to choose for a stylish effect ? Wood is not suitable for all rooms of the house, so there is often a need to choose another floor that will match the parquet: 1- It is not always possible to have only one type of flooring in the house, especially if it is […]