What paint to choose to paint the walls in a house


Repair is a complex and sometimes lengthy process. Its success depends not only on the skill of the workers, but also on the quality of materials and their correct selection. Manufacturers of paints and varnishes offer hundreds of types of coatings, and only a true professional can confuse them. But upon closer examination, you can […]

How to paint the walls yourself


Let’s find out today what paint to choose for the walls of the apartment and not be mistaken with the choice of color or composition, what to consider when painting the kitchen, bathroom, hall and children’s room in order to get a good result. The interior of the room will change dramatically if you make […]

7 cool hacks: Match the wall color to your furniture


All definitions of color, from those that refer to a process in our retina to those that classify it as a characteristic of things, do nothing more than highlight the importance of colors in our lives, not only in a physical but also psychological sense. Color, as we see, conveys sensations to us, and therefore […]

Modern paints with innovative properties for 2022

الدهانات الحديثة

  Modern building and repair paints serve many decorative purposes such as those related to the environment, and are safe and provide a durable, resistant coating that is easy to keep clean. Modern paints are called both innovative paints – magnetic, slate, antimicrobial and others – and decorative paints that are easy to apply and […]

How do you combine the colors of your walls with your furniture?


When we seek to combine colors, we want to create contrast but at the same time, harmony. In the case of our homes, it can sometimes be boring to find the perfect wall color that complements perfectly with all our furniture. By choosing the colors of our walls correctly, the furniture will appear more than […]

Kitchen paint: ideas

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Kitchen paint doesn’t bring a change of style just to this section of the home. Its main function is to protect the walls from high temperatures and moisture generated in the said environment. Currently, you will find a variety of materials on the market with qualities that cover some kitchen needs in style. What should […]

Wall paint: what types are there?

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Wall paint is used to achieve appropriate decorative finishes, alter appearance, and renew or improve it. Each of the existing technologies has a specific function and use. In this blog we will talk about the different types of paint that are the most popular. do not miss it! And if you want to expand your […]

Paints: Types of paints and their properties

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Types of paints Today, many people make repairs themselves, and every year there are more opportunities for this. How to make sure that the paint does not fade, crack or swell in the future? What should you know before painting and how to choose paint? Let’s deal with these questions. So, choose paint. what do […]

Types of paints by area of use

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Although the answer to the question of how much paints for my house cost is relative, we will try to help you in our article. For interior paint, an area of ​​80m2 is usually painted with 15L/20kg paint, this may vary depending on the quality of the paint below, how it is absorbed and whether […]

Whitening and painting the ceiling

how to whitening and painting the ceiling before learn how to whitening and painting the ceiling we have to know that, various materials are used to decorate the ceiling Currently. One of the most common ways is to cover the ceiling with water-based paints, as well as whitewash. In every room, a well-groomed, flat white […]

Paint Inside: Learn How to Surface Finish


  While painting, we need a roller, press tray or bucket with a device to remove excess paint from the roller. The performance of the rollers is greater than that of a conventional brush. With the help of rollers, you can apply not only paint, but also primer, glue and lime. But the roller is […]