What is polyester acoustic panel ?

polyester acoustic panel

  Sound is important in design. The function of a space is not only determined by its aesthetics but also by the sounds it makes. “Sound may be invisible or only inadvertently perceived, but that does not make it a less architectural material than wood, glass, concrete, stone, or light”. The sound becomes inextricably linked […]

Which is better – natural or artificial stone?

الحجر الطبيعي

Natural stone – marble, granite, limestone, quartzite – has been widely used in construction and interior decoration since ancient times. Also, natural stone has long been used to create a variety of interior and landscape elements – sculptures, fountains, fireplaces, benches, trees, small architectural forms. However, nowadays natural materials are increasingly being replaced by artificial […]

Natural stone: its types and properties

أنواع الحجر الطبيعي

  Natural stone types are among the oldest and most popular building and decoration materials. The scope of its use is very wide – from making paving and decorating facades to interior decoration, decorating fireplaces, etc. It has a number of advantages, including reliability, safety, strength and excellent appearance. In addition, the stone is represented […]

How are natural stone products installed?


  Stone wall cladding It is an aromatic product frequently used on aromatic interior surfaces. Add a veil inside. It is a frequently used product in decoration, coffee shop, decoration and behind panels. widespread abroad. This is water resistant. In addition, since it is an additive, there is no chip or rupture. Production of stone […]

Stone walls and decorative ideas for interiors with natural stone

الجدران الحجرية

  An accent wall is an element that gives your space an eye-catching look: wood adds warmth and comfort, giant wall art is a great idea for a cool effect, and faux stone for a cozy rustic vibe. You can create a faux stone wall at home, and modern materials and methods allow you to […]

How to put natural stone on the wall

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Natural stone is the ideal product to achieve a touch of quality and elegance. In the same way, these characteristics are increasingly associated with innovation and current affairs; Because many architects, designers or companies value these stone properties. This durable material features various patterns from which to create the most attractive and interesting designs in […]