How to effectively remove salt from walls


It is known that salt and moisture are among the most common damages to building structures, especially attacking facades and interior walls. Among some of the forms in which moisture appears, salt is one such form and it must be taken into account that it is a type of stain that can indicate that a […]

Moisture in the house: how to remove it permanently


An excessive level of humidity in the house can be synonymous with an unhealthy environment: too high a percentage of water molecules circulating in the air, in fact, can cause not only unpleasant aesthetic effects on the walls of the house, but also serious structural damage. The building and the health of the residents. A […]

All the tricks to dehumidify the house

الرطوبة من المنزل

dehumidify in the house is one of our number one enemies. It often creeps into homes and stays there, creating unsanitary environments and creating unsightly stains on walls that are difficult to remove, jeopardizing the health and integrity of wall structures. Here are the most effective treatments for removing moisture from a room that you […]