How to install a suspended ceiling in 10 minutes

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Suspended ceiling installation. In the event of a damaged ceiling, a plasterboard false ceiling is the perfect solution. . It is fixed by handrails and studs, and the suspended ceiling of the board reinforces the heat and sound insulation of the room. In addition, it allows you to easily embed floodlights. What is the principle […]

Types of suspended ceilings “gypsum board”

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  Suspended ceilings are an excellent solution for office, retail and residential buildings. What are suspended ceilings? Suspension systems – a frame on which a variety of modular elements are fixed – boards, bars, boards, etc., or sheets of drywall. Despite the variety of appearance and characteristics, the general scheme for installing ceilings is almost […]

What is a suspended ceiling (gypsum board)?

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Suspended ceiling is a type of finishing system that is suspended below the ceiling structure within a room or building. It can be hung from the ceiling or roof deck, which consists of structural load-bearing framing beams above and below the roof. Most suspended ceiling systems consist of steel bars and acoustic tiles, although other […]