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Advantages and disadvantages of parquet floors

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One of the most important elements to keep in mind when starting a repair is the floor. Surely you asked yourself the usual question: is it worth laying parquet on the floor of my house? And once you answered that you want to use parquet instead of some cold and sad tile, you surely asked yourself the following questions: parquet or flooring? Wood parquet, laminated parquet, floating parquet, gray parquet or industrial parquet? And of course, you always end up asking the million dollar question: Can I find cheap parquet?

Parquet gives beauty and attractiveness to your home

There is no doubt that parquet is much more beautiful than some sad tiles and that with a good parquet floor, you can give your time a unique appeal. Not in vain, natural wooden parquet has been used for centuries by royalty and the richest families to give their homes a special touch. So you can rest easily in this aspect, Parquet Reformas Eluro will give a special touch to your home that your family and friends will envy.

Parquet is easy to maintain

Parquet gives much less work when it comes to cleaning than any other floor. Whether it is floating parquet, gray parquet, laminate parquet, industrial parquet, or wood parquet, they will generate much less litter and dust than other types of flooring. With a simple sweep and regular cleaning, the parquet floor will shine with a special light, making you feel like you live in a mansion. Of course, it is forbidden to use abrasive or abrasive materials not specifically designed for cleaning parquet floors.

Good parquet lasts for years

With proper care, which as we saw in the previous paragraph doesn’t have to be too thorough, parquet floors will last for years. Above all, moisture and aggressive substances should be avoided with wooden parquet when cleaning it. If you follow these simple steps, your family will be able to enjoy parquet floors for generations. It is precisely this aspect that must be taken into account when making a decision; There are people who mistakenly believe that parquet flooring is expensive when they consult parquet prices. Nothing is further from the reality, cheap parquet if we take into account two factors: its duration and the factor that we will see in the next paragraph.

Parquet adds value to your home

A house or apartment is what economists call an asset and can be valued as an asset. In the same way the value of a shirt varies if it is made of cotton or silk; The value of a home varies according to the elements it is made of. Parquet floors are undoubtedly an added value that real estate experts take into consideration when evaluating a home. Any type of laminate flooring adds value to your home compared to tiled flooring. As we said before, when evaluating parquet prices, it is very important to keep in mind that parquet or flooring, synthetic parquet, gray parquet, laminate parquet, floating parquet and even wooden parquet make cheap parquet an element that you can take advantage of,

Parquet floors are undoubtedly an added value that real estate experts take into consideration when evaluating a home  . You can check out our other article  ,  How parquet gives a special touch to repair.

Parquet acts as thermal insulation

A key feature of parquet floors is their ability to insulate you from the cold. With parquet floors, you can walk around barefoot in your home without fear of catching a cold, and get comfort and health.

However, like all things in this life, parquet has some flaws that are worth analyzing in order to balance the balance as we make the final decision. The main disadvantages of parquet floors are:

Parquet affected by sunlight

Parquet floors can change color and lose their luster with prolonged exposure to sunlight. However, this has an easy and effective precaution: play with the furniture layout in your home to balance the sun exposure of parquet, podium, wood parquet, laminate parquet, industrial parquet, gray parquet or floating parquet unaffected parquet.

Parquet can be damaged by moisture

Since it is made of wood, the parquet floor can be damaged by excessive moisture, after which it is very difficult to repair. However, avoiding leaving wet things on the floor and using slightly damp cloths will adequately protect parquet, gray, floating, laminate or synthetic parquet from this danger.

Parquet is subject to scratches

Parquet is prone to scratches due to contact with sharp objects, high-heeled shoes, or prolonged litter, which can lead to abrasion. For this reason, it is so important, like all important things in life, to take care of parquet, flooring, floating parquet, gray parquet, industrial parquet, laminate parquet or wooden parquet so as not to be damaged by it. Difficult to fix later.

Parquet should be polished frequently

To get a lasting shine on your parquet floor and make it look like day one, it’s important to polish, sand or seal it frequently. Otherwise, it will lose its natural shine and, accordingly, a very important part of its charm.

As we just saw, parquet floors have both advantages and disadvantages. However, the advantages of this type of flooring weigh in the balance much more than its disadvantages in terms of attractiveness, convenience, comfort and even in economic terms.


Parquet today has a reasonable price and is one of the options when you want to enjoy warmth at home, forgetting about the times when the parquet was only for the wealthy. Years ago, having parquet in the home was reserved for only a few because of its high cost and difficulty in installation, which meant that only people of a certain stature could choose wood as flooring. Thanks to advances in manufacturing and improvements in installation, that time was left behind, making parquet accessible to many people. Later, with the advent of artificial floors with new imitation wood materials, the reduction of raw materials and production costs, parquet and its imitation of wood flooring became available to everyone.

Another reason for installing parquet is its aesthetics, it gives the floor a natural and beautiful look, being an essential element of the decor that combines with doors, paint and furniture, creating universal spaces that are perfectly integrated with each other. Depending on the type of parquet we install, along with the rest of the elements, we can create warm environments using browns typical of wood, or cooler ones with grays or whites more common in Scandinavian decor.


But for us as lovers of parquet and wood, the most important reason for installing parquet is the comfort and warmth it provides, it insulates our floors thermally and acoustically thanks to the intrinsic natural properties of wood. In the winter the wooden floor does not cool like tiles or marble, and in the severe summer it does not absorb heat from the outside, so the parquet provides that comfort all year round. It also absorbs noise, which prevents noise from reaching the subfloor. Thus it also acts as a sound insulator.

Another advantage of wood is that it is self-cleaning and easy to clean. Wood repels dust mites and is natural so it does not contain petroleum derivatives (as long as it is coated with eco-varnish) which makes it ideal for allergy sufferers. In addition, the ease of cleaning the parquet means that the parquet is always in perfect condition for our health.



The presence of wood on the ground also has factors that inhibit it, and not all of them are advantages. Despite the improvement of the production system, parquet requires a raw material, which is wood, which means that the finished product still costs more than synthetic floors. The price may vary depending on the type and quality of wood, the shape and thickness of the parquet, the more wood and the higher the quality, the higher the price. At this point (and whenever the budget allows), you need to weigh whether you want to pay that cost against the above benefits.

Another drawback is that wooden parquet is sensitive to sudden changes in temperature, environmental and residual humidity. Care must be taken when starting heating and air conditioning, trying to ensure that the ambient temperature is more or less the same throughout the year and without changes from cold to heat or vice versa. You should also keep an eye on the appliances themselves, since they are used and condensed, they usually generate water, and you should prevent them from falling on the wooden parquet as they may damage them.

If natural wood parquet is installed, some special pre-care should be taken into account as it is more sensitive to wear and knock, simple tips to prevent damage to the wooden floor on a daily basis, such as avoiding walking with thin heels, felt on the legs of chairs and tables, a rug at the entrance to prevent entry small stones. We leave you another post in which we have already commented on these tips on caring for wooden parquet.

Parquet maintenance tips

If you already have parquet at home or decide to install it, remember these  tips to protect it from premature aging  , and always look beautiful and bright:

  • Install a mat on the door of the house, as dust from the outside erodes the parquet.
  • Try not to wear shoes at home, especially shoes with sharp heels, and even less so on rainy days. Mud and moisture damage this type of flooring.
  • Cover the legs of chairs and some furniture with protectors. They sell them with stickers, and therefore, by pulling them, we will not damage the floor as much.
  • If a glass of water or the like falls, wipe it immediately with a soft cloth.
  • Don’t clean it with the same other floor soap. There are specific products for it, or better yet, finish it with vinegar and a few drops of essential oil to preserve it naturally.
  • If your parquet is exposed to intense sunlight during the day, try not to hit it directly or else it may discolor the wood.
  • Avoid vacuuming every time you clean it. There are brushes with special bristles that are more sensitive to it. Oftentimes, a soft mop will be enough to get rid of the dust.
  • If after a while there are dents on the floor and they are not very deep, fix them yourself with wood restoration putties.

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